Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When Inspiration Calls

It all started a month ago when a box of stripey stones arrived from the most talented photographer/creator Elizabeth Bunsen.
About this time I scooped up paint that was sitting in a muffin tin and finger painted all over stark white canvases.

The colorful but neglected canvases sat in a corner waiting for "someone" to gain a bit of inspiration.

what better way to get one's creativity flowing again!

Mysterious stone-faced towers,  Banyon temples, elaborately chiseled monuments, mountain loads of strewn rock with ancient carvings.
Angkor Vat, Cambodia

Piles of Cairns
my inspiration.

Please drop by and see the rest of the Cairn Collection: mixed media paintings. Click here.
Heart Thought: my cup runneth over walking these ancient lands.
Life and living has so much to teach us.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Evidence of Love

Dear friends, work your way down in a lazy-daizy  manner, enjoy the snippets of thoughts on each Valentine. (Feel free to print a copy.)
At the end is a treat better than chocolate covered PEEPS.

Share a bag of Peeps, or yummy chocolates with your loved ones. Hold them dear.
Love is what binds us together.

Love is Evidenced in many ways.
This beautiful video is shared by Kat Sloma.
A wonderful photographer, teacher, philosopher and artist. It is her gift to us.

Heart Thought: for today, the video is my heart thought.


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Postcards from Paradise

A reflection is a color filled shadow. 
Relax, Drift, Reflect

Heart Thought: where do your thoughts drift when your life isn't full of flotsam?

Rebecca Brooks  Postcards from Paradise

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Welcome to my second excursion, photographically speaking
to Ashley Sisk's, Scavenger Hunt Sunday.

What would you share for this week's five words: Facial Features, Shadows, Spicy, Gold, and Fabric?

Rather than place a word to a photograph,  you may choose the subject matter....No worries, no grades here!

Hmmm not too hard. Let's try again.

How ya'll doin'? 

Ya'll get an "A" for making it to the bottom.

Heart Thought:  Love yourself; get outside yourself and take action. Focus on the solution; be at Peace.
              Sioux Native American

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Apricot Sunset

Today my mind drifts to a warm, lush tropical color.
Apricot Sunsets
Peach Jam
 Tangerine Sorbet

Textures: Taped Edge and Simplicity
provided by Kim Klassen

The original photograph 

My favorite part of this composition are the apricot colored reflections.

Heart Thought: my grandmother made DELICIOUS peach jam with maraschino cherries and nuts.  The textured photo reminds me of the color of her jam. Recipe lost so long ago. Do you ever have regrets of lost snippets of paper you once held dear?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Postcards from Paradise

As I sit at my desk, a gray drizzle falls silent.
Without color.
Awakens a need in me for

Come with me and smell the musky sweetness of plants blooming under a sky of glass.

Dip within the glorious beauty of this blossom left for last.
If I could I would gift you one.

Please visit a wonderful woman, creator, humanitarian,
Rebecca Brooks
for more exquisite Postcards from Paradise.

Heart Thought: where is  more beauty to be found  than from that which is alive? 

Scavenger Sunday

Ashley Sisk a very talented photographer has a wonderful  blog Ramblings and Photos, filled with dreamy photographs, tutorials and fun photography prompts. For a long time my intentions have been to join some of her Scavenger Sunday postings, but today is my first attempt.

I rather started out on the wrong foot,  I did the entire photo prompt but for the wrong week!
Count that as practice....but it had some cool prompts, oh well.

So let's see if I got it straight this time.
Ashley asks us to scavenger, hunt, sleuth, snoop, peek around for five different items (subjects) each week.

Color Me Green: these Asian fruits are about as Green as I could get until St. Patrick's Day!  Makes one feel "cool" just standing under all that Green shade!  Our winter world surely isn't this color.

Footwear: if you looked in my closet you wouldn't find many shoes. I pretty much like being barefoot, stocking foot, or choose between a few pairs of rather worn brown or black shoes.

But I did run across this HUGE pile of RED sandals. They are made of solid wood with plastic toe piece.  I will stay barefoot thank you.

Hobby: I was tempted to post a picture of me shooting with a camera in front of my face, but I hadn't combed my hair.  So using a different type of brush....paint brushes....ta da, my hobby and profession .....painter.

Strike a Pose: I have used this photograph before, but it is perfect for this scavenger hunt.  A grandson, aka Michael Jackson! He and his siblings entertained us for hours.

Something Shiny: we wandered into a Winterland Wonderland of ice crystals and it was a shimmering, shining world of diamond diadems.  Honestly I did not dip this pod into glitter from Michaels.

Well the hunt is over. It was loads of fun. Anyone can join up at any time.  So click on Ashley's link and go to Scavenger Sunday.

My frames were from the wonderful Florabella Collection.

Heart Thought: "Sometimes you just have to take a LEAP and build your WINGS on the way down."  DJPettitt
                               smiles: sharon

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Did January Evaporate?

I just don't understand. How can one, wonderful, almost uneventful (meaning less stress) month just evaporate into winter air?
Adieu January
Bonjour February

Today I realized it was the Fourth, the FOURTH of February. I had to really think, what happened to four days.
If you would like to know what happened to the last four days, feel free to visit me at my "sister blog"  Sharon Furner Fine Art