Sunday, February 12, 2012

Postcards from Paradise

A reflection is a color filled shadow. 
Relax, Drift, Reflect

Heart Thought: where do your thoughts drift when your life isn't full of flotsam?

Rebecca Brooks  Postcards from Paradise


  1. calm, serene, verdant.. my thoughts though tend to drift to adventure, art history, Europe fore sure.. good question

  2. That last is my favorite, the ripples moving outward yet standing still.

  3. These are beautiful, Sharon. I love all the water! That last one may be my favorite, with the peaceful reflection and widening circles of ripples.

  4. Awesome photos ~ Wow! ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

  5. LOVELY PHOTOGRAPHS. I let unwanted thoughts flow into an imaginary river.

  6. So lovely drifting along in your reflections...

  7. you are a bright harbinger of beauty!
    i love it all...and the movement of life you have captured. one moment a thousand splinters of broken life...the next enough clarity to mirror heaven.
    profoundly uplifting.
    thank you

  8. I love this thought: A reflection is a color filled shadow. I never thought of it that way but how very true. And since I love shadows - no wonder I also have a thing for reflections. Yours are wonderful - I especially love the grasses poking up into the reflected clouds.


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