Sunday, February 5, 2012

Scavenger Sunday

Ashley Sisk a very talented photographer has a wonderful  blog Ramblings and Photos, filled with dreamy photographs, tutorials and fun photography prompts. For a long time my intentions have been to join some of her Scavenger Sunday postings, but today is my first attempt.

I rather started out on the wrong foot,  I did the entire photo prompt but for the wrong week!
Count that as practice....but it had some cool prompts, oh well.

So let's see if I got it straight this time.
Ashley asks us to scavenger, hunt, sleuth, snoop, peek around for five different items (subjects) each week.

Color Me Green: these Asian fruits are about as Green as I could get until St. Patrick's Day!  Makes one feel "cool" just standing under all that Green shade!  Our winter world surely isn't this color.

Footwear: if you looked in my closet you wouldn't find many shoes. I pretty much like being barefoot, stocking foot, or choose between a few pairs of rather worn brown or black shoes.

But I did run across this HUGE pile of RED sandals. They are made of solid wood with plastic toe piece.  I will stay barefoot thank you.

Hobby: I was tempted to post a picture of me shooting with a camera in front of my face, but I hadn't combed my hair.  So using a different type of brush....paint brushes....ta da, my hobby and profession .....painter.

Strike a Pose: I have used this photograph before, but it is perfect for this scavenger hunt.  A grandson, aka Michael Jackson! He and his siblings entertained us for hours.

Something Shiny: we wandered into a Winterland Wonderland of ice crystals and it was a shimmering, shining world of diamond diadems.  Honestly I did not dip this pod into glitter from Michaels.

Well the hunt is over. It was loads of fun. Anyone can join up at any time.  So click on Ashley's link and go to Scavenger Sunday.

My frames were from the wonderful Florabella Collection.

Heart Thought: "Sometimes you just have to take a LEAP and build your WINGS on the way down."  DJPettitt
                               smiles: sharon


  1. Great shots! Especially the Michael Jackson pose:)

  2. I really like all your images in this series, but your hobby image is a favorite. The green in that first shot is amazing, refreshing.

  3. Hey the MJ pose. Your grandson has got it. Amazing young ones are STILL enthralled by his genius-Thriller was like 30 years ago.
    My fave this week is your paint brush image, but seeing all that green feels good here in cold gray and drab New England.

  4. I think this set looks great - I really like your composition for hobby and shiny.

  5. Great set of photos, love your first one, makes me wish I was there. :)

  6. Hello there! So glad you stopped by my blog and left a comment because it lead me right to yours :). Scavenger Hunt is so much fun, glad to see you here too. I love your "Michael Jackson" pose...and altho I do love my shoes...I can appreciate wanting to go barefoot too. Looking forward to seeing you next week at SHS.


  7. Love all of your shots especially the Strike a Pose! :)

  8. Good job, Sharon! My favorite is your paintbrush collection, and I love the frame you used on that one, too. "Michael Jackson" is very cool!

  9. Beautiful hobby photo! I also like the green one.

  10. That "green" shot is really interesting. Hope you have fun doing the Scavenger Hunts. This is my second week!

  11. I think you did a great job for your first scavenger hunt. I've tried on those wooden flip flops once in my past - no way would I ever wear them - so uncomfortable.
    My favorite photo is your shiny one - so pretty!

  12. Wonderful series! I had to smile at the Michael Jackson tribute - great pose! And amazing pod glitter! Definitely a winter wonderland of shininess!


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