Tuesday, February 21, 2012

When Inspiration Calls

It all started a month ago when a box of stripey stones arrived from the most talented photographer/creator Elizabeth Bunsen.
About this time I scooped up paint that was sitting in a muffin tin and finger painted all over stark white canvases.

The colorful but neglected canvases sat in a corner waiting for "someone" to gain a bit of inspiration.

what better way to get one's creativity flowing again!

Mysterious stone-faced towers,  Banyon temples, elaborately chiseled monuments, mountain loads of strewn rock with ancient carvings.
Angkor Vat, Cambodia

Piles of Cairns
my inspiration.

Please drop by and see the rest of the Cairn Collection: mixed media paintings. Click here.
Heart Thought: my cup runneth over walking these ancient lands.
Life and living has so much to teach us.

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  1. Cambodia must have been an interesting place to visit. My travel has been so limited-I would love to be in a place to world travel-and photograph.
    I'm always amazed at your creativity. Your canvases are cheerful and bright and full of much more than meets the eye in an easy glance.
    Happy day to you my friend.


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