Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Evidence of Love

Dear friends, work your way down in a lazy-daizy  manner, enjoy the snippets of thoughts on each Valentine. (Feel free to print a copy.)
At the end is a treat better than chocolate covered PEEPS.

Share a bag of Peeps, or yummy chocolates with your loved ones. Hold them dear.
Love is what binds us together.

Love is Evidenced in many ways.
This beautiful video is shared by Kat Sloma.
A wonderful photographer, teacher, philosopher and artist. It is her gift to us.

Heart Thought: for today, the video is my heart thought.



  1. Beautiful post for Valentines Day. Sending love right back to ya. I think that 2nd heart is my favorite.
    My ability to draw is encumbered by limited experiences, but my eye knows something lovely when it sees it.

  2. Sharon, these are lovely. The first one is my favorite - I love the colors and shapes and layered textures and words. But I have to say, I love how colorful all your work is. Happy Valentine's Day - a day late, but still heartfelt.

  3. What beautiful hearts ! May your day be filled with sweet loving !


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