Sunday, February 5, 2012

Postcards from Paradise

As I sit at my desk, a gray drizzle falls silent.
Without color.
Awakens a need in me for

Come with me and smell the musky sweetness of plants blooming under a sky of glass.

Dip within the glorious beauty of this blossom left for last.
If I could I would gift you one.

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Rebecca Brooks
for more exquisite Postcards from Paradise.

Heart Thought: where is  more beauty to be found  than from that which is alive? 


  1. Sharon, you really do live in paradise! look at those divine orchids!!! now I am off to look at where you actually live, obviously not somewhere cold!!

  2. North Carolina.. hmm - do you grow these orchids? anyways, they are beautiful.

  3. truth be known, you have gifted them all!
    oh i love seeing you here...
    under a glass sky, central to our hearts, blooming bravely far beyond any gray.

  4. Oh soooooo beautiful ~ Great to have some 'spring' here in New England where it is winter ~ Beautiful photography ~ namaste, carol (A Creative harbor)

  5. Wonderful to have this tropical place close at hand when your own gives you gray rain.

    These orchids are so stunning!


  6. This is so true, all living things are beautiful, non more so than the human spirit when it gives so profusely. Your gift of flowers and smell of musk is real, thank you.

    Artwork is motivational too!

    Sue x


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