Sunday, May 27, 2012

Peace in the World

May, for a few moments
there be Peace around the World.
Let us all remember what we have in common 
rather than what divides us.
Let there be: 
equal status
heart softening
just for a few moments.
For the Children of the World.

May our children's children hold a world with out conflict
in their hands.

A heart full of gratitude to our men and women who serve  our country in countless ways. 
May their families be cared for and appreciated for their stress and sacrifice.
What a beautiful weekend to fly the American flag.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Strolling through My Photos

For two days I have been "strolling" through 10,000 photos.    Please don't faint!!! (It is true. I had a total i Photo melt down and some "blessed-brilliant" tech rescued my images from oblivion.)
As my eyes blurred and my head became soggy with  the passing of countless images,
I had a light bulb moment
I need FUN TIME... a trip to Ashley's, Rambling and Photos Scavenger Hunt

Rainbows: seems like a happy way to begin!!!

Are you smiling? Remember those yard wide plastic hoops and the challenge they presented?

Now how about something FLUFFY??

The Easter Bunny tried the "chimney trick" this year. Not a fleck of soot on a single little critter!!


Breakfast anyone. One of those tucked away, Southern Cooking hide outs.


Haven't a clue what this was used for...but the rust, red and green are to "covet."

Trees: this is a big topic! But didn't take me long to find a favorite.

Dried, dehydrated fronds next to a cascade of water, frothing free and wild.

This is a lot more fun than re-categorizing thousands of mixed up photos.