Friday, December 21, 2012

Celebrate What's Right With the World

A few months ago I tumbled into an appealing and thoughtful photography website.  Dewitt Jones is a professional photographer.  His work is remarkable, among the best. 

This seems like the right time to share with those who want to focus on the positive in their lives  Dewitt's: Celebrate What is Right with the World.

It is so easy to get bound by the profoundly sad, the slowness by which we learn to cooperate and listen to one another.  It is easy to slip over the edge into finding little that is positive in our lives and in the world.

I subscribed to his blog a few months ago and when I see his name pop up in my mail, I am eager to see what beautiful photo he has shared along with a meaningful quote.
No selling, or needing to read his blog, simply a quote and a photo.  Of course there is much within his website to explore.

I am sticking a note on my computer to join his Celebration of What is Right in the World by trying to share one of my photographs on an almost weekly basis.  Would love to have you join me.

The quote is  from Dewitt. Check out his site, Celebrate What's Right With the World: How easy it is to celebrate a birthday, a marriage, a holiday. How hard it is to hold that same perspective in our daily lives. Everyday we are inundated with messages that tell us what’s wrong with our world. It’s not surprising that we lose sight of all the things that are right with it; of all that is truly worth celebrating. As a photographer, I have a choice of what lens I put on my camera; a choice of how I am going to view the world. I choose to celebrate. Why? Because it imbues me with gratitude, because it allows me to see the best in people and situations, because it fills me with energy. This website is for those who choose celebration. A gathering place where we can come to share, to learn, to recharge, to take action. To change the world - one celebration at a time.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

The World's Most Precious Treasure


Children come in all shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs, circumstances, abilities and disabilities and innate innocence.
Today's children, world wide, are our future, but for now, while young they are EVERYONE'S responsibility and blessing.

In our little spot in North Carolina, my husband and I have been blessed with five children, all of whom were once very young, rambunctious, inquisitive, adorable, not-so-adorable, noisy, while sleeping looked like angels, a true mix-match of energy and joy.

We have been blessed by their beautiful spouses;
which gave us 
to love and cherish.

There is a glow in a parent's eyes, that says: This is my child whom I dearly love and would protect with my life. 

In honor of the children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the children of Syria, far off corners of Africa, Cambodia, Afghanistan....places where children, can not protect themselves and are suffering: I wish to share photos of children one could see anywhere and just smile.  May all of our children be protected and cherished.

Children can run and run, and run again. Their energy and vitality are part of their youth....until they are stopped.

In our home a candle burns, the glow reminds me of the need for constant compassion and outreach for others who are in great need.

if you would like to help a child whose home is Anywhere.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

iPhone Phun

I have written very little on this blog about using an iPhone or iPad for taking photos, then scrambling them with a bevy of Apps.

Actually, I probably take more photos with my phone and sometimes tablet than my Big Mama Camera.
Time to change it up around here and share a few super fun apps.  

Two days ago I downloaded 

Fuzel Pro

 I wasn't fully convinced I needed another "collage" shaping app.
But this one has turned out to be quirky, whimsical and just plain fun.

The above is a more typical collage I moved from ordinary to

No more squares and rectangles, this is a psychedelic kaleidoscope.

The shape configurations, filters, borders, writing and editing makes it a one stop app. 

In today's Apple news,  I read that Fuzel Pro is 

App Store
BEST of 2012
(photo and video magic)

Congratulations and happy to have found you. I think we will be good friends.  

Friday, December 7, 2012

A Moment Of Serenity

"It has to do with being alive, with seeing the beauty of something in this very moment and not postponing it."
Burshild Holmer

 May we all seek our peaceful moments or memories to lift us through a busy season.