Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Texture Tuesday: Gratitude

comes from deep within.
Whether expressed in the security of a warm room
or in the vastness of nature;
it is a communion 
between one's self 
and the Devine.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gratitude Flags

Would you agree that we are never too young to express gratitude, to show appreciation?
Our six year old granddaughter, unfailingly says "Thank You."
A three year old grandson mumbles, "Muhmore, Muhmore, Puhlease"
Twelve year old, granddaughter creates a special pie before going to play. 

Little words and small actions of appreciation
bring heart-happiness.

We have been out in the Pink Chicken Studio creating
fabric flags, to express our love for others. 

Busy Little Bees
stamping, lettering, coloring, scribbling
torn streamers from old paint cloths.

Each "artist" in their own way, is writing a message
of appreciation and best wishes.

We are now hours before our family 
Thanks-Giving Celebration
busy baking pies, being big helpers,
and hanging our Gratitude Flags

The coolish, wind is whipping our messages out to all.

Have a deeply satisfying day of Thanks-Giving.

May there be Peace and Plenty where it is most needed.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's with the Calendar?

I looked at the calendar this evening and thought my eyes were pulling tricks on me.
It couldn't possibly be November 15th!
I know it is blustery and windy outside, but how can time simply flutter away????
Checking my camera, I perused my last few weeks of photos.
The pictures held the answer!! 
Now I see how time became quicksilver slipping through my hands.

What better way to lose track of time than with grandchildren and family.
Yes, Funny Bunny Three-Three arrived a few short days ago. A very sweet, baby-pink daughter-sister.
And days before that, a special week with a precious granddaughter.

The culmination ...a two day, whirlwind  art show!
Fun to see folks from last year and all of the other artists' beautiful work.
The Edith Piaf paintings were a big hit.
Each artist served food on the opening night. 
I followed the rules, but then tossed in all the left over Halloween candy!
Yay we are HC free!  
Days have come and gone with the last of the rustling crusty-leaves... leaving sweet memories and heartfelt gratitude.
Hope you don't mind my posting on both blogs....the news is just too special to divide up!
Heart Thought: I hope you feel as blessed as we have been these past weeks. We all need to share the good times whenever we can.  Would love to have you share YOUR blessed happenings with all of us.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Texture Tuesdays: in Two's

The cousins in our family, due to lack of proximity, do not see one another often enough. 
When they do gather together it is sheer bliss...fun...and bedlam.

Here is rare quiet moment with E and K.

Today I used Kim's Cotton Candy and KK Packing, plus a golden warming filter and Kim's brushes.
Soft and light...love it.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Bit of This a Bit of That

 I just want to say hi and share a few websites with you. If you love new fonts, head over to  Kevin and Amanda. They have oodles of fun, free, funky fonts.  Can't decide which I like best.   In addition there are tutorials on photography, photoshop and blog design. This website is almost like visiting your favorite store, just full of goodies of every kind.....like travel, food, crafts, food, photos, food....something for everyone...did I mention food?

Something else I finally checked out, but originally was turned off by the name (simply because I love hedgehogs--the German kind all dressed in lederhosen and dirndls) is The Ugly Hedgehog. This is strictly for photography enthusiasts. You can register and fully participate or be a couch potato like me and just drift in and out of the dialogue. You will find photography tutorials, people sharing their photos and asking for critiques, but what I like best is the Main Discussion Forum.  Folks pose their questions about anything to do with photography, cameras, lenses, PS, etc. and other photographers respond. Subscribe and It comes daily to your mailbox. I never miss it. Almost every day I find something pertinent to what I am interested in.  Look around to find out what interests you. 

Poet, philosopher, photographer, meet ShonEjai.  at Picture Speak. This creative soul is gathering a large following...you might want to see what he and his blog are all about.  Daily he writes his poetry and pairs with a photograph. Another place that he shines is in creating textures for photo manipulation. He is prolific in his new textures....I can't keep up, but it is fun trying.  

I keep finding great websites with lots of information, material to inspire, move us forward in our desire to become better and more interesting photographers.
Another " A Bit of This a Bit of That" will return soon with more amazing websites or blogs.  Until then, maybe something today will inspire you.

HEART THOUGHT: add a touch of color to your day... neck scarf, headband, funky bracelet, three perfect colored leaves placed in a jelly jar next to where you spend time.....color just naturally perks us up!!!   Until next time, smiles: sharon

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Texture Tuesday: Tomato-To-mah-toe

You say “tomato” I say “to-mah-toe” --remember that old tune! Pretty clever lyrics. all i know is that there is really nothing like a TRUE VINE RIPENED TOMATO.... touch of pesto, leaf of fresh green basil. Sheer bliss. this tasty little dish i had in new york this summer. so glad i took a photo to remember it by. little did i think i would try a few textures on it. 

today’s textures from Kim are KK fall-in and KK and-then- some, plus a bit of DELICIOUSNESS!!!

Heart Thought: “I never had to become a feminist; I was born liberated.”    Grace Slick