Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

We just returned from the beaches near Wilmington, NC.
We had beautiful weather, lofty clouds, cooling breezes
and solitary beaches.

The white-hot sun of day was slowly falling when we arrived at Shell Beach. 
Shell Beach --- the perfect name.  
Mounds of shells crushed to tiny fragments, the beginnings of new sand.
Hand size half shells of alabaster and sandstone, 
 piled like drift wood along the shoreline.

The evening sun split blades of sea grass
into blades of warm light, shooting above split rails.

Texture: Partings

The most spectacular surprise were a dozen or so cactus, in  amazing colors.  Bulb upon bulb, crimson, violet, purple, fuchsia, theo-violet....all balanced by greens, blended into blue.

Too quickly, the plummeting  sun was at an oblique slant, flooding everything in golden light.

Then our evening  diminished into darkness and the rush of the ocean waves.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Yellow through the lens of a Phone

 Last spring I fell in love with a YELLOW cotton jacket.
Yellow has always been a favorite color, just rather in the background....behind PINK.
These past few weeks I have been taking a Creative iPhoneography Course with Kate England of Marmalade Moon
(her website is full of great photography, tutorials, and tips)
Although "Place" was the subject of an assignment, I decided to interpret my photos with yellow foremost in my mind.

 I will be sharing more and more of this fascinating peek at the world through a teeny tiny lens on a phone; (sigh) bypassing lengthy editing in Photoshop, rather using all sorts of fun apps.

The following photograph was shot above our glass topped collections table with a vase of YELLOW Sunflowers.  

We went to the Scottish Highland Games this summer....the Fresh Lemonade stand caught my eye!  It was standing there just waiting for its portrait to be taken!!!

Two other  choices of processing.....with just a hint of yellow.

I fully apologize for not listing the apps used. I have misplaced my notes.  Still trying to work out a good system for keeping track of my app-steps.  I would love to  duplicate certain looks, but without notes it isn't so....anyone have some good ideas to share in the comments section?

I do recall using Pixlr for all of them....then scooting off from there.

Dewitt Jones is a world renown photographer, adventurer, writer, author, and celebrator of LIFE. I recently connected to his website. He is welcoming with open arms the world of i Phoneography, after (and still) a prolific career as a photographer.  His book iPhone Art in My Life: Volume One is truly inspirational. 
It is comprised of GORGEOUS photos, with inspirational thoughts underscoring the picture.  At the back of the book he goes through the apps that he processes with.
I downloaded onto iPad/Kindle app.  But almost wish I had the actual book in my hands.  
His website is a bit of work to go through, but eventually you can come to his blog.

I was totally inspired by this, Celebrate Life.

More about his philosophy and inspiration in another post. 
I plan on joining him on this CELEBRATION of LIFE.

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Heart Thought: Practice the Art of the Possible.   And YES, it is possible I will wear my sunny yellow jacket in the winter!!! smiles

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Palettes and Tossed Salad

 I remember the day when a "lettuce" salad was composed of a WEDGE of pale, icky green iceberg lettuce, topped with pinkish, creamy Thousand Island dressing, speckled with bits of pickle.

Today salads are a true "Tossed Salad" of texture, color and taste. 

Then there is  the fabulous "tossed salad" of PHOTOGRAPHY with its
Big Mama Cameras,
Lenses galore,
High tech photo editing.....
Point and Shoot Cameras with amazing pictures
and finally
the Smart Phone.
And smart it is. Gosh ten years ago I would never dreamed of talking to our family in Asia on a wireless phone!!
I could never have imagined taking photos with a phone!!
But it is HERE, ours for the enjoyment of spontaneous photography.
And "tossed" in for good measure.  Endless "apps" to edit these quick snaps with.

i Phoneography is here to stay! And it will only get better and better. 

Green Wicker Chair
Pro HDR, Picturesque

Tossed Salad
Pro HDR, Tiny Planets

Under the Shade
Pro HDR, BeFunky (cooling)

Leaf Jungle
Pro HDR, Rays (Lindale), Posterize

Tossed Salad II Palette Pleaser

Processed in Photoshop
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Rosie at Leaves 'n Bloom is a wonderful photography website. She has just completed a FREE 31 Day Tutorial on using G+. If you want to know all about how to use Google Plus, hop over there right now.

Then there is the fantastic i Art Chronicles blog, all about iphoneography created by my friend, Geri Centoza.
Geri will get you excited about i Phoneography like no one else I know.
And she knows all the FREE apps!!!!!

Want free textures  and the latest editing skills: there is always something to be shared at Kim's website. 

Heart Thought: Now go out and have a lovely, crisp Tossed Salad. But snap a shot before you eat it!

smiles, sharon