Sunday, January 27, 2013

How to Build A Lion's Head

CHINESE NEW YEAR--the Year of the Snake.

Not being particularly fond of snakes, wild or caged, 
let's concentrate on the Lion.
My lovely Singapore-daughter Sarah, who is seldom without her camera
sent me some great photos of a Master Lion Head Designer/Builder,  
after she visited his studio and workroom in Singapore.

The genius behind it all, this gentleman, is the last artist making these beautiful AUTHENTIC, TRADITIONAL Lion heads,  in Singapore.

His Studio and Workroom

It takes volumes of materials to create these magnificent pieces of art. 
He uses bamboo specially carved, mulberry paper to tie the pieces together, rice paper to cover the head and lamb's wool for the fur-like decorations.

And what holds it altogether.....the humble pan of glue and a well used brush! 

WOW the final product. 

This lion head is valued at 15,000 Singapore dollars because it has real gold on its head.  Without this "little" detail it would be closer to 1,300 sgd.
Yes that is a great deal of money. 

Thank you Sarah for sending this fascinating bit of 
"art" our way.

There will be more Chinese New Year coming soon. 

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