Friday, January 18, 2013

Moving around in Singapore

Yes, there is a recession in so many parts of the world,
however in Singapore, much like rampant growing bamboo.... major new museums, waterfront complexes and downtown buildings have emerged.
Singapore has to be an architect's dream.....everything imaginable is designed and built.

Gardens by the Sea is such an example. We saw the metal dome like shell being constructed.   Trees and plants from all over the world are "planted" in specific climate can wander through vegetation of Indonesia to the dry plateaus of Africa.

In one day we didn't see it all, but what we did see, was a dream-scape for any botanist.  

A special treat was the amazing display of autumn gourds, pumpkins, graceful sheaves of wheat and lavender splayed like a Geisha's fan.
Mixed into an autumn palette of color and texture were American style scarecrows and wagons of pumpkins.

The Little Muggers and we had loaded up our art supplies, knowing this would be a super place to do some sketching. 

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  1. Gorgeous - what a wonderful opportunity to capture such a wide array of nature in a controlled environment.


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