Saturday, January 19, 2013

First SNOW in Two Years !!!

Growing up in the Western part of the United States, snow was a part of our lives.  We cleared the ice and snow from car windows with plastic scrapers, wore heavy rubber boots and real-wool winter coats, shoveled 2-3 foot drifts from the walks and driveways, LEARNED to drive in snow more than 2" deep, built crooked snowmen with sticks and stones, swirled snow angels in the deep drifts of pure puffy snow, sledding was taken for granted and skiing was a privilege on weekends, and school was never ever canceled due to weather conditions.
Snowy weather was as normal as
 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Now, decades later we find ourselves in the Southern part of the United States.  We have longed for snow, just one snow fall please!  Well after two years we got our wish...
sort of.
Last night's weather report mentioned we might have snow, but most likely rain and ice.

Up before dawn, I checked for snow reflections out the windows...well sort of they were there...enough to get me dressed and out the door to really check it out.
Yup snow alright.
Also really slippery thick clear ice lurking underneath.

As soon as the sun broke over the tops of the houses, my camera started clicking and clicking and clicking...I prayed it wouldn't FOG up coming from a warm house.

This went on for two hours, until the full sun melted our much desired snow to slush.  Only the deep shadows and protected areas had remnants of ice.

I could show you 172 don't run away, just choosing a few favorites.  Now don't laugh. To us in the South at low elevations THIS is as close to SNOW as we will get !!!!!

Do I hear a giggle, laugh, snicker?  For us this is/hmm was

I know my neighbors driving to work must have really wondered if I had lost my senses to be standing in the semi-dark, wrestling with a tripod, taking photos of the ice and snow they had just chipped off of their windshields.

One just has to be a "romantic" to understand!

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A few people sure know how to spoil things.


  1. You captured the glittery sparkle of "snow" - and if it looks like snow, and feels like snow - it must be snow! I'm glad you got your wish and were able to capture its beauty. Love that morning sky.

  2. Very cool photos. I think you need to frame that first one! We got snow only a couple times during out time in NC and it was funny how they cancelled school and fretted so much about it. I love snow! It's this cold inversion that I'm fed up with. Glad you got some snow.


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