Saturday, November 5, 2011

A Bit of This a Bit of That

 I just want to say hi and share a few websites with you. If you love new fonts, head over to  Kevin and Amanda. They have oodles of fun, free, funky fonts.  Can't decide which I like best.   In addition there are tutorials on photography, photoshop and blog design. This website is almost like visiting your favorite store, just full of goodies of every travel, food, crafts, food, photos, food....something for everyone...did I mention food?

Something else I finally checked out, but originally was turned off by the name (simply because I love hedgehogs--the German kind all dressed in lederhosen and dirndls) is The Ugly Hedgehog. This is strictly for photography enthusiasts. You can register and fully participate or be a couch potato like me and just drift in and out of the dialogue. You will find photography tutorials, people sharing their photos and asking for critiques, but what I like best is the Main Discussion Forum.  Folks pose their questions about anything to do with photography, cameras, lenses, PS, etc. and other photographers respond. Subscribe and It comes daily to your mailbox. I never miss it. Almost every day I find something pertinent to what I am interested in.  Look around to find out what interests you. 

Poet, philosopher, photographer, meet ShonEjai.  at Picture Speak. This creative soul is gathering a large might want to see what he and his blog are all about.  Daily he writes his poetry and pairs with a photograph. Another place that he shines is in creating textures for photo manipulation. He is prolific in his new textures....I can't keep up, but it is fun trying.  

I keep finding great websites with lots of information, material to inspire, move us forward in our desire to become better and more interesting photographers.
Another " A Bit of This a Bit of That" will return soon with more amazing websites or blogs.  Until then, maybe something today will inspire you.

HEART THOUGHT: add a touch of color to your day... neck scarf, headband, funky bracelet, three perfect colored leaves placed in a jelly jar next to where you spend time.....color just naturally perks us up!!!   Until next time, smiles: sharon

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