Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Texture Tuesday: Tomato-To-mah-toe

You say “tomato” I say “to-mah-toe” --remember that old tune! Pretty clever lyrics. all i know is that there is really nothing like a TRUE VINE RIPENED TOMATO.... touch of pesto, leaf of fresh green basil. Sheer bliss. this tasty little dish i had in new york this summer. so glad i took a photo to remember it by. little did i think i would try a few textures on it. 

today’s textures from Kim are KK fall-in and KK and-then- some, plus a bit of DELICIOUSNESS!!!

Heart Thought: “I never had to become a feminist; I was born liberated.”    Grace Slick


  1. Lovely tomato - I really like the composition of this photo - how you chose to leave that lovely negative space along the bottom. Perfect for adding Deliciousness!

  2. I love this dish! It's one of my favorites. And it looks even tastier with that texture added.


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