Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gratitude Flags

Would you agree that we are never too young to express gratitude, to show appreciation?
Our six year old granddaughter, unfailingly says "Thank You."
A three year old grandson mumbles, "Muhmore, Muhmore, Puhlease"
Twelve year old, granddaughter creates a special pie before going to play. 

Little words and small actions of appreciation
bring heart-happiness.

We have been out in the Pink Chicken Studio creating
fabric flags, to express our love for others. 

Busy Little Bees
stamping, lettering, coloring, scribbling
torn streamers from old paint cloths.

Each "artist" in their own way, is writing a message
of appreciation and best wishes.

We are now hours before our family 
Thanks-Giving Celebration
busy baking pies, being big helpers,
and hanging our Gratitude Flags

The coolish, wind is whipping our messages out to all.

Have a deeply satisfying day of Thanks-Giving.

May there be Peace and Plenty where it is most needed.

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  1. What a wonderful way to give thanks! Your gratitude streamers are like prayer flags. I love it!


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