Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's with the Calendar?

I looked at the calendar this evening and thought my eyes were pulling tricks on me.
It couldn't possibly be November 15th!
I know it is blustery and windy outside, but how can time simply flutter away????
Checking my camera, I perused my last few weeks of photos.
The pictures held the answer!! 
Now I see how time became quicksilver slipping through my hands.

What better way to lose track of time than with grandchildren and family.
Yes, Funny Bunny Three-Three arrived a few short days ago. A very sweet, baby-pink daughter-sister.
And days before that, a special week with a precious granddaughter.

The culmination ...a two day, whirlwind  art show!
Fun to see folks from last year and all of the other artists' beautiful work.
The Edith Piaf paintings were a big hit.
Each artist served food on the opening night. 
I followed the rules, but then tossed in all the left over Halloween candy!
Yay we are HC free!  
Days have come and gone with the last of the rustling crusty-leaves... leaving sweet memories and heartfelt gratitude.
Hope you don't mind my posting on both blogs....the news is just too special to divide up!
Heart Thought: I hope you feel as blessed as we have been these past weeks. We all need to share the good times whenever we can.  Would love to have you share YOUR blessed happenings with all of us.


  1. Sharon - congrats on the arrival of another grandbaby and a successful show. As I have already told you, if it wasn't for my self-imposed retirement budgetary constraints, I would have loved to purchase one of your Piaf paintings, which I simply adore. Here's to celebrating all the joys of life!

  2. Congrats on the new grandbaby! Time has flown by for me too. Enjoy that snuggly new baby...


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