Friday, October 28, 2011

Revisting with Eyes Wide Open

"Great things are done when men and mountains meet."                                     William Blake
                                 (Must add women who are often beside or leading the men.)

A few days ago I posted our travels to the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway. (here) We went straight to the highest peak, over 6,000' in elevation...gliding into the crystal air, organza clouds, and stiff winds. With eyes wide open we marveled at shriveled  seed pods and dried flower heads crystallized into diamonds to rival those of Tiffany. It was breathtakingly inspiring. There is so much to see at "foot level." 

I can't leave you stranded in the cold, so lets dip down to the valley's slightly fading colors...think gentle tea dyed lace, gracefully formed clouds with lavender edges, and warmer breezes.

Nature's living room window.

Sky coins.

A branch of garnets.

Autumn's final moments.

Before winter's deep sleep.

".....even the oldest of the trees continues its wonderful labor....he is there for the white blossoms and the secrecy. The blossoms could be snow, with a dash of pink.....everything has dreams, hope, ambition."
excerpt, Someday by Mary Oliver

Heart Thought: What is the Greatest Gift?

Warmly, Sharon


  1. Sharon, these are stunning!! You captured such breathtaking colors!! I just kept gasping as I scrolled and read!!! The trees here are just beginning to show more color, but they will not be as beautiful as these. We had such a drought this summer! I'm so glad you shared them with us!!

  2. Sharon, these are amazing. Beautiful up close and from far away. We were able to visit the blue ridge parkway when we lived in NC. I thought it was one of the prettiest places I'd ever been.

  3. So beautiful, Sharon! It's interesting to me that fall there is much more colorful than ours here in Maine has been this year. I've never visited the Blue Ridge area in person. Thank you so much for letting me come along on your journey.

  4. All these are lovely, but my favorite is "sky coins".

  5. I am about six hours from the Blue Ridge Parkway and it always amazes me when we go to see the fall colors. Your pictures are all so beautiful.

  6. I am so glad that you brought us back to this place, to finish your journey. How gorgeous! I especially love the last photo, the layers of colors. You can tell what they are but there is an abstract feel. Nature is the best artist, and you captured her work beautifully. :)


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