Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Checking Out my Shopping Cart

 Hi Ya’ All....that is because we moved south. smile. Today’s journey of inspiration with Kat, is really pretty cool. Mostly because I am excited to read what YA AL’ post!  Nothing like peeking into another’s camera bag!! Today’s questions are much like filling a shopping cart with sundry  items.
 So first in my cart is my equipment. "Big Mama" camera, Canon 28-135 IS (workhorse), Canon 75-300 IS (really heavy) Tamron 60mm F/2  Macro 1:1, Canon 50mm Prime, one Lensbaby I seem to never use.  Tripod that I really struggle with, always tripping on did splurge on a monopod but haven’t tried it out....then all those little Professor Kobe’s Light Scoop (really cool for diverting camera flash. All equipment is in one backpack style camera bag mainly for STORAGE, believe me I do not walk around with this on my back. I found a nifty solution at Target for 5.00 when I needed something protective of water and sand at the beach. So into my cart:  A really cute LUNCH BAG shaped like a "PURSE."  It is plastic lined!!!  I can get "Big Mama" and two lenses in it that not cool. And it doesn’t the area. 
There are times I truly  miss my little point and shoot with its accompaning  anonymity. But NO going back.

Yes, I have found a focus and am gradually developing my personal eye and choices, but I am not in anyway super sure of myself. BUT I do love love love to take photos, so I click along and maybe someday....  
 Travel photography is probably my biggest thrill. So fortunate to travel to many places and always take a camera and shoot away. 

I prefer the unusual shots with different angles, capturing texture and color. 

I enjoy overfilling the frame...definitely not a minimalist ......but will try that some time.

My focus is on the culture of where I am visiting...the people, religious sites, working farms and markets, artisans, homes, landscape......the nitty gritty of dailiness in their lives. It is important for me to be fully aware of how others live ...and all the goodness that it brings to my own life and perspective. 

Macro shooting with a steadier hand is something I am working on now. 

My other great joy in shooting, is of our extended family and the Funny Bunnies (grandchildren) who live around the block. Love to capture their individual personalities, the glow in their eyes and the magic of their smiles. And in two weeks there will be a new Funny Bunny...and I hope to capture the beauty of this new born with my camera....believe me I will practice before hand...wish me well. ..any tips much appreciated.

Shooting at high noon is never easy, but with children.....ugh! poor little F Bunnies had to squint the entire time...then I moved to the tented area.  relief.

A practical use for my photos are reference points for my paintings. Also I use "Big Mama" to photograph the completed paintings for website/prints/cards etc. 

I spread out which settings I am going to use.  My biggest challenge is to take photos at NIGHT and INDOORS at night...will I ever get that figured out?????  

Much more comfortable in diffused light, such as cloud cover or early morning/evening. 

WHAT WORKS AGAINST ME: I have an inner tremor that can’t be controlled and it is my biggest handicap for sharp photos. I have learned all the tricks to be more steady, but mostly they don’t help. This is why I need to use a tripod/monopod and shutter release more often. 
 You have probably seen more than enough in my cart.  I imagine we all have similar equipment, but use it differently as we develop our OWN INDIVIDUAL STYLE. This is one BIG reason Kat's FYE  is so super......opening our eyes to new possibilities and gently nudging us to take time to think through what we are doing and where we are going. I know it has helped me tremendously. And I love to read about your own journey.
Happy snapping!  Sharon

Heart Thought: if you could only take one World Class photo, what would your chosen subject be?


  1. Sharon, what a fun way to present the information - as your shopping cart!! I like that. I might need to add that light scoop to my shopping cart. It is so great to learn more about you and how you use your camera to interpret the world around you. That your images are FULL of what you see, telling the bigger picture of the lives you are witnessing. I really enjoyed seeing your finished painting and the reference photo, both are wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing your shooting style. I love that I know more about you now!

  2. It was really fun to look through your shots - what inspires you, etc. Love your travel shots...especially how you capture the culture. That's really cool!

  3. Your images are amazing! The colors and stories they tell are wonderful! I love that you take the unusual view points. I also have trouble with hand shake and have been very disappointed in my macro and zoom attempts. I'll be checking out the monopod you mentioned! Great post!!

  4. Your "over-filled frames" are gorgeous! I'm more simplistic in my frames, but your vibrancy pulls me in. Amazing! Seeing how you use some of your photos to inspire your painting was interesting. I also found your monopod intriguing. At sport events I see them used often, and when hiking down our cliff to the sea I often have used my improvised walking stick with my camera to get better shots. I look forward to hearing how you like yours, once you get it.

  5. Hey Sharon....y'all gots lots of cool stuff in yer bag. I ain't got much stuff in my bag, but that makes a girl have to think on her feet a bit (and buy a lottery ticket here and there).
    I like how you define your style. The "over" filling the frame. I might do that or if not I might try doing that. Thanks for running that thought 'round my brain.
    I love your travel shots. I would so like to have that opportunity. It seems your photos are somewhat "photojournalistic" a style that appeals to me-in it's surround, telling a story.
    I too find myself tripping on tripods (OMG....a great title for soemthing, book, song, piece of art) and can totally relate. Hope you find the mono helpful with Big Mama.


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