Saturday, October 29, 2011

Points of View

 In 1908, E.M. Forester wrote a novel set in Florence, Italy, 
A Room with a  View. 
The protagonist is booked in a room with a view of the courtyard, but preferred the sweeping majestic view of the Arno River. 

I think as photographers we would welcome the challenge to photograph either point of view, Arno River or Courtyard.

Our assignment to photograph an item from multiple points of view, perspective, composition, settings was very enjoyable. And as usual, I took on something too complex, large, oversized.
So I have edited my photos drastically and put my attention on one
item, a beautiful, flowering kale in the midst of an array of autumn gourds, squash, marigolds and leaves. 
This display is on our front porch.

(I promise to get off this autumn roll I have been on, but this fleeting season of settling in, is simply too beautiful to not use for my last time.)

Midnight on porch. Tripod, flash with diffuser, manual setting. 

Full morning sun, under exposed to achieve the darkness surrounding subject to make it pop.  

Same intense sun, creating deep shadows. Macro lens and tripod.

Heavy cropping in camera to reveal striated ridges and furrows.

The sun kept playing peek-a-boo, but I wanted to stick with natural lighting,  and macro lens. The tripod was cumbersome when shooting the amazing underside of the plant.
This resulted in me shooting hand held, difficult for me in macro settings.

Note to self: when searching for a subject to photograph, take time to shoot from various angles, heights, distance, lens and settings.  

Idea: Carry a plastic bag at all times in case you are down on your back looking UP!

Heart Thought: " It seems to me we can never give up LONGING and WISHING while we are ALIVE. There are certain things we feel to be BEAUTIFUL and GOOD, and we must hunger for them. "  
     George Eliot

Enjoy the last drifts of autumn. sharon


  1. Just checking to see if the posting is working better. Nothing like writing a comment to one's self. Rather like a grocery reminder!

  2. Sharon,
    YEAH! Comment success - for here I am.

    What a lovely subject for your exploration - all the complex waves and ripples of the leaves - and that luscious texture. And the colors. The macros are really something - such different and unique views. You have taken us into an alien world, where nothing is as it seems - we see veins and scales and color gradations that are only evident because you have captured them.

  3. These are lovely. Isn't it interesting how the colors change in the different light? I especially like the last image, the compilation of different macro views.

  4. Beautiful subject for your photo shoot! You found the most wonderful light!! Your macro shots are awesome!! Amazing details!!

  5. Sharon,
    These are all just stunning in my opinion! I love how you shot this in so many different kinds of light and angles. As for me, you never have to apologize about photographing fall. It is a beautiful season, and I don't think I'll ever be tired of all those colors.
    Great post!

  6. utterly gorgeous........quite inspiring too for a dull London-Sunday morning!!

  7. What a great subject for this exercise! A fantastic exploration of both point of view and light. You captured so much in the different shots... texture, color and detail. It is a great study of this flowering kale - I never knew it could be so beautiful.

  8. I really like this series. My favorite is the 2nd one take in full light. The warm colors draw me has a beautiful autumn fell to it. Love your idea to carry around a plastic bag to use as a mat for those moments when we find ourselves down low...I've had so many wet, muddy knees.

  9. The shot taken with your macro lens and tripod looks like a rose in the center. Beautiful. Good job.

  10. These are all beautiful. I like the 3rd & 4th the best, color and the peek of orange in the upper right corner. Macro shots are great hand held

  11. fantastic! What an exploration. I love seeing all the different light you used, and how it changes the colour - amazing! What beautiful photographs you have created. Me, my favourite, the macro...especially the bottom left hand one - with the purple and yellow. It is gorgeous!!

  12. I like your subject of choice and don't believe I could have done the justice to it you have. My fave is that night shot with the blues. And thank you for calling it a kale. I usually refer to those as "cabbage things". :) I am not a gardener.
    You make me laugh with your note to self about the plastic. I constantly have dirt smears on the knees of my jeans and along the cuffs as well.


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