Sunday, October 23, 2011

Seeing with Eyes Wide Open

"There is nothing like walking to get the feel of a country.  A fine landscape is like a piece of music, it must be taken at the right tempo. Even a bicycle goes too fast.
Paul Scott Movrer, Journalist/Poet

We drove to Asheland, NC, reveling in the autumn colors. A kaleidoscope of rust, bronze, lime green and ruby red blurred past our car windows.
Asheland is a cross between Audrey Hepburn meeting the Beatles. Sophisticated Hippie-dom. LOVE IT!! 
Ladies slim and tall wearing the most fashionable outdoor wear, fur trimmed, high heeled leather boots; young girls swishing multi-hewed flowing skirts with torn hem lines, Birkenstock shoes-thick wool socks; guys in patched, torn levi's,
too small of army jackets and heavy dreadlocks with knitted cap.
Everyone fits in. Probably no one wants to leave. It is a truly amazing town nestled at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Yes, Kat asked us to get out and walk, be inspired, look for those "littles" that can be overlooked...those special serendipitous moments.  A fabulous assignment in seeing with eyes wide open.


Let's start LOW, foot level, as we walk through the sodden landscape.

At the lower elevations, mushrooms still popped up, 
like fingerprints, no TWO alike. 

Gripping the steering wheel, we went from 1,000' elevation to 5900' in less than 30 minutes...ringing ears anyone? 

 From glorious sunshine to snow-laced clouds, we bound from our car, bundled from boots to hat, eagerly walking into a diffused cloud of ice and wind. Once more, we started exploring at "shoe level."

You can almost hear the crunch of our boots upon the frozen permafrost. 

Jewels from Tiffany, can't match the splendor of frozen particles of rain sent directly from the heavens.

The Waltz of the Ferns

 WIND is one of  Mother Nature's favorite tools, creating unparalleled beauty. 

No not pinecones, but pine NEEDLES, each slender slippet of green, ensconced in its OWN crystal ball.

A lonely wooden post. Now a work of beauty to catch the eye. 

 Can you see the bit of green lichen on the branches? 


There will be a sequel. For our WALK/RIDE took way too long to post in one writing. Besides I can't leave you out in the COLD!

Next post will drop you into a wonderland of fall foliage.

To bridge the way....a last photo.

Where we have been, where we are going. Coming this week.


In retrospect, my only regret was to not take my tripod!!  I always trip on tripods, get embarrassed setting up in front of people, and find cumbersome. 
if I had used my tripod in the gusty winds my macro shots would have improved!!  I returned home and purchased a monopod.
Now to test it out.

This has been such a fun assignment, Kat. Thank you so much. 

Find Your Eye Journey of Inspiration.


  1. Wonderful! I'm so glad you enjoyed this exercise and it looks like a wonderful outing. Great practice in seeing! My favorite is that one with the frost on the branches, shaped by wind. It almost looks like it is in motion!

  2. Kat's favorite is my favorite, too. Can't wait for the next chapter...I'm shivering from looking at all that frost! :-)

  3. I agree with Kat, wind covered frosty branches is my fave too. I love LOW shots and for some reason forget to take them. It was easier with a point and shoot, I've got to bend those knees and get me some low love.
    That last overview shot it amazing....the sweep of colors. I also love you cross-sense word exchaneges, comparing things you see to music or ballet. I love the clever way you see and say things. I'm getting there-finding that artist inside.
    Hope your trip was super fun. sounds like no one is out of place in Asheville. thanks for all your visits and kind words over at my blog.

  4. All I can say is that each picture is beautiful. Nature is amazing and you were able to capture all of its beauty. Can't wait for the next set of pictures.

  5. OH MY!! These are gorgeous!! I would love to have been on that walk with you!! Picking a favorite, can't do it!! They're all so wonderful!! Beautiful photos and words!

  6. I really enjoyed reading this, and that last photo just takes my breath away. I have never seen the frost in the mountains like you experienced it. Thank you for sharing your wonderful walk.

  7. I died and went to heaven! These snow images are to die for! I agree with Kat-the wind blown with red berries and the last one did me in. Lucky you to have had the mountains for your cameraless walk. Enjoyed your post immensely!

  8. Fantastic photos! Wow!! The snow beauties were amazing...I cannot pick a favorite. Each one held such unusual beauty. I'm off to read your next post!


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