Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where's Sharon ?

Where has Sharon been?
Up, Down, Forward, Backward
Here, There, Everywhere!!!

For a split moment, I seriously thought I had misplaced a few postings, when I noted that my last post was in February. is mid-March!

Just where has Sharon been?

Long tales of comings and goings can be a bit boring, may I share a little excursion we took a few weeks ago. 

(It will make a perfect offering at Scavenger Sunday,
Ashley Sisk's Addicted to Ramblings and Photos blog.)

Ashley was asking for photos that represented:

What better than the beach, Virginia Beach to be specific.
It was a veritable ghost-town, we had a smallish room right on the beach front!! Cost: 50.00 a night, including breakfast. 
We met wonderful friends, Dale and Steve for a catch up visit and long, luxurious parking on the sand.
Light: sunrise to sunset, clouds, bird shadows, water's glare, ever changing light.

Water:  alone, chilled at the ruffled edge of the Atlantic, patiently I waited to see what would awaken my heart.

Crowded: how many times do we dream of solitary moments at the cusp of a raging ocean? I soaked it in, every second, and then a crowd of drop-by company flew in.

Just me and the gulls....

Animal: dogs and even horses, paraded across the crusty sand. And though I sat with my camera, I didn't take a single photo. 
And sadly, for the first time ever I didn't discover a single, intact seashell to add to my collection.
But (stretching the rules a bit) I did find beautiful evidence of homes from the ocean's citizens.

Chocolate:  this last picture really pushes the scavenger-hunt boundaries; all I can envision are chocolate-coated Peanut M&M's.  Eventually my imagination let me see the "chocolate" in the beautiful damp beach sand.

This short respite, at a near-solitary beach, filled an empty vessel.

Heart Thought: if you really think outside of the box ( or bag of) chocolate, what comes to mind? 


  1. Really nice set. Love the 1st two pics especially.

  2. Really great set - loving the light in your first two shots.

  3. Sharon - glad to have you back. And thank you for sharing your beach delights. Love your interpretation of "chocolate" - that's thinking outside the box!

  4. Oh my goodness, these are wonderful! What glorious sunrises! It was definitely worth waiting for you to come back. :-)

  5. Beautiful photos. I love the sunset. Sunsets are my favorite views...

  6. lovely photos! I like images that stretch the boundaries. After all, that's very creative.
    Love the beach! Your vacation sounds awesome! I just got back from the beach, too, in a different part of the world.

  7. Stunning! This makes me miss the beach oh so much!

  8. there you are
    immersed in beauty...

    xox - eb.


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