Sunday, January 8, 2012

Postcards from Paradise

Offerings give what comes from deep inside one's own soul.
No coins are exchanged.
The gift of an Offering is selfless.

Women, mothers, grandmothers daily share Offerings 
of refreshment and sustenance to all.

Some carry their Offerings lightly,
for others there is great toil and labor.

Through generations, Offerings of teaching, training, 

and nurturing.

She will pass on all that is offered to her.
Hand to hand
Heart to heart
Generation to generation.

Offerings, a communal table .



Mother Earth, the Genesis of all

Please take a moment and visit Rebecca Brooks at her oasis of serenity and beauty, recuerda mi corazon,
to experience her Offering of an open heart, prose and poetry liken to Mary Oliver, photographer and artist. 

Once a week she offers Postcards from Paradise where one finds extraordinary beauty in the ordinary. 

warmly, sharon


  1. Amazing and loving photographs ~ thanks, namaste, carol (A Creative Harbor) linked w/post cards from paradise ^_^

  2. oh how you have arrived in the strongest most profound sense of the word!
    thank you sharon for each heart word and soulful photograph.
    this is what it is all about...opening the doors to the house of belonging.
    knowing we are never alone. sweetening each others moments.

    so deeply happy you are here!

  3. You have given me a complete new way to look at offerings. Thank you!

    Simple Brilliance

  4. such bright and beautiful images and thoughts you have shared... your thoughtful comment on my post was much appreciated as well. thank you...

  5. Your offering is gratefully received, I will add you to my blogroll for second helpings!

    Thank you,

    Sue x

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  7. What an amazing photo essay and hearfelt words, giving a new meaning to "offerings".


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