Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Non-Conformist: Texture Tuesday

This morning I ventured out for a walk around my neighborhood. 
The sky was a very gritty gray, homes looked weather beaten like the homes seen on beach fronts, only perky pansies 
spread a dash of purple and yellow. 
It was rather dismal.
While walking, I couldn't help but reminisce about how much
I miss the summer open-air markets.

Then I remembered a really quirky melon I had seen at the open market near our home in the fall. 
"Melon" didn't seem at all intimidated that he was 'different.' Rather he just sat there waiting for someone to pick him up, test for freshness and take him home.

Very attractive in a rustic sort of way, he seemed perfect to do a little Texture Magic on.

And now "Melon" will be sent across the internet to the far reaches of the globe.
See it pays to stand out in a crowd!

Today's textures compliments of Kim Klassen.
Wonderful Magic (2), Market, and Bent Edges

Heart Thought: Thank you Open Air Markets, wherever you are...you are the best!
Smiles: Sharon


  1. It really pays to stand out :) wonderful treatment of this special melon !!

    aenee/Lily over from Kim's

  2. Your "non-conformist" melon reminds me of a globe - with a map of a new and undiscovered country. Great texture treatment.

  3. You have made him so very handsome. Nice work. I miss the summer markets to.

  4. it really looks totally cool! what a wonderful texture and you edited it so well!

  5. Love your use of texture. Melon really does stand out now.:)

    Great original; you made it SO much better!


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