Thursday, January 5, 2012


Putting together a string of 25 photos
in a previous blog was like a trip down memory lane.
We can look at a photo taken 10 years ago and it immediately brings us back: where, when, how we felt when we clicked the shutter button!
It is like electricity, the returning memories just flow bright and vivid.
Photographs are powerful.

Today I was wandering through Meri's Musings blog and she was asking what brought us JOY! 
It was tempting to post my previous 25 photos!!!
Too easy, didn't seem right.

What does bring me Joy?
Some things can not be photographed.
Some things are too private to be shared.
But here are a few Joys.

 in sharing art experiences with grandchildren, youth, those with special needs.

of Grandchildren and New Babies:
 seeing the love they have for one another.

 in the endless formations of clouds and water..the poetry of reflections, movement, dancing, day-dreaming.

 in learning from other cultures: their family traditions, religion, food, way of living life.

in self-expression: painting, photography, writing, blogs. So blessed to have the means to do all of this.

Thank you Meri, for the opportunity to share a few of the Joys in my life.

Heart Thought:  do you think that different stages in our lives brings different JOYS? 

warmly, Sharon


  1. I KNOW different stages of our lives bring different joys. Love wonderful to think about joy. I need to do this.
    That clouds shot-wow the blue is gorgeous. You have some fantastic joyful things in your life.

  2. Good to share your "joys" with you. And you are so right about how a photograph can take you right back to that moment - amazing isn't it?

  3. What beautiful photos, filled with color...and joy! Thank you for sharing those, and thanks also for visiting my blog and saying such nice things. Have a wonderful evening!


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