Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday's Textures: Gratitude

There is little to not feel deep 
gratitude for.
Each day there is something that I notice that I am
most appreciative of.

One moment it might be a tiny
lady bug delicately working her way
across the valleys of my palm.

freely pouring clean water from 
the kitchen faucet.

Today a bunch of 
fall peaches
ripe, blemish free, sweet.

Thank you to Kim for the use of the following textures:
Bentedges and KK Grunge. In addition I removed texture from the peaches to let them shine...

Thank you to the Native Americans who lived first on this land.
For their wisdom that has been handed down through generations of time.


  1. Beautiful, makes me want to bite right into one.

  2. Beautiful image and quotation. I just returned home from almost two weeks in California, where I feasted on all the fresh peaches I could eat - truly tree-ripened, unlike the beautiful but tasteless ones in the supermarkets here. Thanks for this lovely reminder!

  3. Visiting from TT. I am missing peach season now :( Beautiful photo.


  4. wonderful!! they look so yummy!! great texture.

  5. Beautiful words...beautiful photo. It is always nice to meet another photographer/poet. We are very rare.

  6. Love your words. The peaches look so good, they are the one thing I did not get enough of at the farmers mkt. this yr. so much better than the store bought ones.


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