Saturday, October 1, 2011

October News

Today is beyond beautiful....

weather dipped down to sweater temperature....

sky cerulean blue...clouds huge and puffy...

breezes blowing flag and swaying bird feeders....

just a wonderful way to come into Autumn.

Let us Dance a Little Jig!!!!!

So why am I sitting here behind the computer, while the beautiful day passes by my window?

What am I thinking of?????

I set a goal too update my website by October 1st.

Oh no, October 1st is here.

YAY!!  WHEW!!!  just made it.  

Website is totally redesigned and new paintings added.

I feel as free as the breeze, as I have been procrastinating big time, and friends who are only interested in paintings have thought I was lost between Maryland and North Carolina!

If you can take a bit more "sharon stuff" please drop by and see what is going on at S. Furner Fine Art.

Now I am off to the Farmer's Market to pick out the orangiest of pumpkins!!

Then maybe some s'mores this evening over a fire.

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