Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Texture Tuesdays

I have finally made the commitment to jump in with two bare feet and Big Mama (camera) to Kim's Texture Tuesday postings.
Now this is really putting myself out there. And I hope my humble beginnings will be seen as such...simply trying...
We can't "land" anywhere if we don't try.

I love to see the photographs that others have manipulated with textures and text. I have taken several of Kim's extraordinary classes (highly recommend) but I just never could find the time to commit to getting the process down so that it was FUN and not INTIMIDATING.
I am still working on the second word!

Join the fun, Funny Bunny grandchildren, a campfire and making s'mores. Used two of my every day photos.

I used several textures: Scratched Magic, Bee Keeper

Textures used: Little Things, Linen and Warmly Crackled

I have also started a Texture Tuesday, manipulating actual PAINTINGS. You may view them at

To see other photographers, and Kim's wonderful texture work go to


  1. I love the texture on this. Very cool.

  2. It can be very intimidating, but the best way to do it is with both feet in! Love the shots...the first one really makes me want some smores!

  3. Mmmm s'mores - how can you go wrong with that subject matter. Glad you've made the commitment to join TT fun!

  4. Hi Sharon - so glad to have you joining in - great job! Be sure to check each week because Kim tells you the "Prompt" for the next week's challenge. This week was the "little things" eDition. She hasn't decided yet what next week will be.

  5. Yummy marshmallows shot! :)
    (seen at Kim's TT)

  6. Love them yummy marshmallows!!

  7. Love your photos! The toasted marshmallows are making my mouth water.
    But my fave is the little kid holding his partially eaten s'more. Yum...
    You did a great job. Aren't you glad you 'jumped in'?

  8. I would really love to learn more about textures. going to check out Kim's site. These photos are so fun!


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