Sunday, August 7, 2011

Crossing the Threshold

In a children's literature course 
I was greatly impressed by a theory that suggests children's classics and many of today's most popular books, (like Harry Potter)
have a running theme:
the protagonist comes to the edge of something safe then
 steps over into the unknown.
Harry and his friends, cross this safe threshold at the train station, emerging into the unknown world on the other side. And this is where the adventure begins---on the other side.

I am discovering that photography intentionally or intuitively shot, is similar to literature:
Through the lens we look beyond the threshold. It is a simple composition technique. The lens guides the eye beyond the immediate to the unknown. What is on the other side, around the corner?

The lens forms a FRAME around what it captures.

 In Kat's Exploring with a Camera, the next two weeks are to be spent looking for frames, frames within a frame, crossing the threshold. 
As you view these photos, you  might ask? What is beyond the threshold, the frame?  Do I see a story? Do I wonder? Is my imagination peeked? What is just beyond my reach?

Can you sense the season? the place?

What is at the top? Which way do I go?

An unusual FRAME, a reversed point of view.

Where is the viewer coming FROM, how far will they explore?

Frames within Frames.

Like the Children of Narnia, would you like to step into this wall of glass and see what is beyond?


  1. Like your vieuw on frame within frame, most of it the first one.

  2. Hey Sharon-
    I love the way you combine words and images. Your frame frames are lovely-I'm especially drawn to the first one of mountain view and the last mirrored image. You pose engaging questions for one to ponder. I like that.
    I am very appreciative of the kind message you recently left on my blog. Changing from musician to photographer-with no visual artist background-sometimes I doubt if I'm "on the right track"-tho' I know there's no right or wrong-it's nice to have some reassurance from an outside source. Thanks for providing that.
    New follower to your blog-I love your positive energy and inquisitive mind. Big Mama? That's funny.
    Smiles right back at ya.

  3. Great photos ~ Isn't it awesome how many 'frames within a frame' there are when you start 'seeing' ~ thanks for sharing ~ ^_^
    namaste, Carol visiting from Come Share with a Camera ( my blog is Share the Creative Journey) and A Creative Harbor ~ come visit ~ thanks

  4. These are so beautiful!! I especially like the double arches with the garden!! You have a wonderful eye for framing!!

  5. I really enjoyed this post, and the way you combined the frame within a frame with the idea of story and threshold. Marvelous! Thanks so much for linking in with Exploring with a Camera!

  6. I told another photographer the same thing, I love thinking, " what is at the top of those stairs." Photos that I want to venture into are my favorites.


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