Friday, August 12, 2011

Art and Apps

As I walk around the city, in a park, where ever the public gathers, I see two types of photographers.
One is using a larger DSL or digital camera
the second is using a cell phone camera.

Many of us use both!

 My i Phone is always near my side, a side pocket companion.
On my phone I have downloaded countless apps, (programs to manipulate the photos.) 
I have collected several books on i Phoneography for inspiration.

One day I found a really cool app, Auto Painter by Mediachance, (i tune app for apple phone.) Auto Painter is just that, it automatically takes your regular camera photos and recomposes them as though van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, or Frank Benson have painted them. 
Presto-- your photo dissolves then evolves into the style of these painters.

Okay, pretty cool. How about photographing a few canvas paintings and dolling them up with this app? It  honestly is magical manipulation. 

Come along.

The first photo will be the actual oil painting. The second image will be the manipulated photo. 

Pretty cool!


The van Gogh interpretation makes the apples look withered.


Oops we lost a boat on this one.

We have gone from summer to autumn in the click of an app.

Pretty fun-alicious! I like the manipulations well enough that I think I will choose one of the photos from which to paint.

Will end with a copy of a small section of an actual
van Gogh painting. 

Happy shooting no matter what type of camera you use! 
It is the image and memory that counts!

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  1. OK...don't have an iphone. Don't have an ap for anything, don't have any money for one either....but yes, these are way cool. I also think it's cool that the result is something you're going to paint. Maybe in a year or two, or if I hit the lottery.
    Here's what I know about artists...nothing. But, I'm taking an art appreciation course this fall-must start somewhere, right?
    I do have a favorite painting though...the Scream. Happy painting-perhaps you'll share the results.


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