Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Summer time isn't complete without a HUGE BAG EACH of marshmallows, graham crackers and really yummy chocolate!

Toss in an adorable little  Funny Bunny grandson and the party is complete.

This photography blog is an opportunity for me to explore all things photographic and pen a few words. So today I am working, trying very hard to learn TEXTURES.

The Real McCoy

Adding Kim Klassen's Textures: Scratched Magic and Honey Bee
Note: should have worked harder to pull high lights up.

There is so much to learn and I am eager to do it. The hard part is deciding which texture to apply and in which order. 

If you are desiring to really learn how to do textures this is the place! Thank you Kim

And now to see if there are any marshmallows left over!

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  1. Textured or not, I'm getting a little hungry each time I visit your blog. That can't be a good sign. JK No seriously, I think the texture is interesting on these photos. So glad you stopped by again. :)


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