Friday, January 11, 2013

Baskets of Ovals

It has been quite awhile since I participated in a dedicated "textures" photography group. 
Heaven knows I have enough photos!  When I decided to join Bonnie's Photo Art Friday, I wondered if I would remember the steps involved in layering with textures...I was pretty slow but came up with two.

The Waves that make Music seem to Know

Winter here in the south is much milder than when we lived in Maryland and Chicago. I wish for snow, but mostly we have rain and chilly temperatures.
On our porch, baskets of seashells still sit, oblivious to the weather.....they are just happy TO BE.
I love walking up to the front door and there the weathered metal basket sits filled with the textures and stories of South Carolina seashells.
  I love the top shell with its many layers and tiny coral houses.  It has to be The Grandmother Shell.

Bonnie's two textures, Arctic Ice and Lavender Halo were used on the photo. 

Some friends of mine live on a wonderful acreage with weathered outbuildings, gardens, rusted sculptures, back acres of trees, stream and open pasture, and a really fun Chicken Chalet for their "ladies."  Each lady has a name and a suitable personality. Each lays a particular color of egg from teal blue to golden rust.  

While visiting they invited me to pluck a few freshly laid eggs and take them home.  What a treasure,  a "simple" meaningful gift.

I couldn't wait to photograph these beauties.  I put them on a brightly striped napkin inside a wicker basket, placed where the morning light was streaming through windows, creating bold stripes of their own.  

At the same time I took a shot of the empty wicker stool and superimposed it over the photo of the eggs.  Blending the two photos resulted in the previous photograph.  

Next was to apply two of Bonnie's textures:  Nebula Overlay and French Script.

Eggs from the Ladies

Fun to try textures again.  I have a lot to learn and as we say "practice makes ________."

Drop by Bonnie's blog and see her "texture special" she is offering  and look at some really amazing work.


  1. oh these are just lovely, Sharon!! what BEautimous eggs!!

    it takes time for things to feel "normal" again and for me, I've never reached anything "normal" with digital fiddling, but I trust in time I will find a pace that fits me.

    these eggs just feel exquisite!!

  2. Sharon, every one of these images is exquisite. I'm a lover of shells so I thought that would be my favorite but the top image of the eggs is spectacular with the light and the colors. Seems you have "remembered" everything and more!

  3. Lovely and creative texture work! Bravo for jumping back in to texture experimentation.

  4. Lovely photographs and great use of textures to enhance them. Glad you linked up with Photo Art Friday, Sharon!

  5. Each photo is a beauty! As a lover of birds and eggs, I adore #2. And the colors you achieved in the first photo are spectacular.
    Absolutely lovely....both of them!

  6. Your re-entry into using textures worked out fabulously. These are wonderful. I love the soft blue tones in the seashell piece, so calming. The eggs are so colorful and fun in the striped cloth and the edition of the textures and script in the last piece is just delightful.

  7. Very nice work Sharon! I'm impressed


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