Thursday, January 17, 2013


Several years ago I started some fun photography online courses with Kat Sloma.(click on name)  In fact that is the genesis of starting this blog. 
There was a group of us who stayed with Kat's series and often left comments on one another's blogs.  It was certainly a feeling of "community."
(Kat is starting these classes again, you might want to check them out.)

One of my favorites, Brenda Gottsabend who writes How to Feather an Empty Nest (click on name) is worth a visit on a regular basis.  My but she has blossomed in her art/talent and website design. 
Brenda has an eye for structural compositions, light/dark, positive /negative space.  Her style is very distinct.

Everyone once in awhile I find myself taking a "Brenda" shot.  I see something I feel Brenda would "shoot" and go for it.  One day I will post some "Brenda-inspired" photographs.

Brenda is hosting a fun and challenging opportunity for all of us,  3rd Thursday Challenge. The only prerequisite is to try something "different" from what we normally do.  What might challenge us as photographers.
This is my first posting. 

Macro Shots

I have a dedicated macro lens. I love close up shots that peek into the more minute details; but the challenge for me is "clarity and crispness."
The challenge is due to a physical interior tremor that is permanent and only worsens with time. So handling a big, heavy camera with a tremor is a challenge in all circumstances, but particularly macro.

I do have a good tripod, but find it a "pain" to use, it really slows me down to the point I lose interest. But after my last batch of macro photos shot last week, and shown today on this posting, I realize I will have to use it.
My Thursday Challenge is holding/bracing the camera steady, and most likely moving to more usage of a tripod.  
(Anyone with tips on using a tripod quickly is welcome to share.)


It was a very rainy day. The sky rolled in gray batting, huge raindrops leaking downward and I worried about our bird feeders' seed becoming soggy, for lack of a better word.
When the steady rain wound down, it was time for seeing what damage  the rain brought. And while at it take some shots.

To counteract my tremor I decided to go for BIG BOKEH, thus masking some of the automatic blur I knew I would have.
Here are the good and not so good.



Note the tiny green leaf/middle of bottom tray. This is where I focused.

Charmingly, the seeds fell down on the broad green leaves. It reminds me of a fairy banquet. 

Focusing on a few raindrops dripping off the feeder and a bare branch, the challenge became very acute.

On our porch is one lonely, forlorn and drooping geranium ...simply clinging to life begged to be photographed.

I suppose these are more "distant" macro shots, but so much of the subject was interesting that I didn't focus in on a single minuscule element. I also recognize that I "like to tell a story" and that often times requires showing a bit of the scenery along with the star. 

I do love the close up, as long as the camera isn't focusing on ME!

Thanks Brenda !


  1. Sharon,
    Welcome to the Third Thursday Challenge! And I love your challenge topic. I think this is something we all struggle with - I, too, hate using a tripod - so no tips from me on using one more efficiently. I think you did quite well in your macro attempts - I really love the one of the seeds on the leaves - I like that idea of a "fairy banquet" - and you captured it perfectly.

    And you certainly don't need to apologize for shooting more "distant" macro shots - telling the story is an important part of your image-making and you have to honor that.

    Thanks again for participating!

    And just for accuracy - my last name is Gottsabend - the "Gott" in Gott Graphics Design was simply a play on the "Got Graphics?" (as in "Got Milk?" concept) but with the double "T" to tie it back to my name. Don't worry - not really something you would have a reason to know.

    1. Oh, my goodness, I had no idea your last name was different and I know I have written it several times over a period of time. I will try to correct and at least get it right next time. BUT how clever you are!!! What a great play on words/names. Your graphics are wonderful! We might get snow tonight, a first in two years if it happens...I will have to have my camera ready and ready to go before dawn as once the sundays hit, it is bye bye snow. Our son lives in the west and they have zero temperatures and 3-4 feet of snow accumulation at their home. I think I like it a little warmer. Have a super weekend. smiles: sharon

  2. These are wonderful!! I especially love the one with the seeds on the green leaves! Your focus looks right on to me! I alos struggle with camera shake in macro photography, which is my favorite type of photography. I do use my tripod some, but as of yet, I can find no easy way to manipulate it!! Mostly I just take a lot of pictures and sometimes get lucky!!

  3. I also really like that image of the leaves with the seeds on them. Your macro shots are all lovely, and that very last one makes me swoon.

    Using a tripod is not my favorite thing to do but sometimes I just give in and do it anyway, and then I'm glad I took the time. That seems to be my biggest gripe about using one, I just want to rush on and keep snapping photos. But I'm learning to slow up a bit and the tripod is helping with that.


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