Sunday, December 16, 2012

The World's Most Precious Treasure


Children come in all shapes, sizes, colors, beliefs, circumstances, abilities and disabilities and innate innocence.
Today's children, world wide, are our future, but for now, while young they are EVERYONE'S responsibility and blessing.

In our little spot in North Carolina, my husband and I have been blessed with five children, all of whom were once very young, rambunctious, inquisitive, adorable, not-so-adorable, noisy, while sleeping looked like angels, a true mix-match of energy and joy.

We have been blessed by their beautiful spouses;
which gave us 
to love and cherish.

There is a glow in a parent's eyes, that says: This is my child whom I dearly love and would protect with my life. 

In honor of the children and adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the children of Syria, far off corners of Africa, Cambodia, Afghanistan....places where children, can not protect themselves and are suffering: I wish to share photos of children one could see anywhere and just smile.  May all of our children be protected and cherished.

Children can run and run, and run again. Their energy and vitality are part of their youth....until they are stopped.

In our home a candle burns, the glow reminds me of the need for constant compassion and outreach for others who are in great need.

if you would like to help a child whose home is Anywhere.


  1. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  2. A lovely and touching tribute to the beauty and innocence of children.


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