Saturday, December 15, 2012

iPhone Phun

I have written very little on this blog about using an iPhone or iPad for taking photos, then scrambling them with a bevy of Apps.

Actually, I probably take more photos with my phone and sometimes tablet than my Big Mama Camera.
Time to change it up around here and share a few super fun apps.  

Two days ago I downloaded 

Fuzel Pro

 I wasn't fully convinced I needed another "collage" shaping app.
But this one has turned out to be quirky, whimsical and just plain fun.

The above is a more typical collage I moved from ordinary to

No more squares and rectangles, this is a psychedelic kaleidoscope.

The shape configurations, filters, borders, writing and editing makes it a one stop app. 

In today's Apple news,  I read that Fuzel Pro is 

App Store
BEST of 2012
(photo and video magic)

Congratulations and happy to have found you. I think we will be good friends.  


  1. Hey Sharon. I like both collages. I'm sort of concrete, so I have to stretch a little for the funky squares. Just a matter of getting used to something different.
    I hear so many people who put down their "big mama" and get hooked on iphone. I got an iphone a couple months back and haven't even played with the camera-not even once. I better get going!
    Hope you have a happy day.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! Since I don't have any apps, because I don't have an iPhone, you will have to play for me.


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