Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Atlantic to Indian Ocean

A few weeks ago I shared some photos from the beaches around Wilmington, NC, three hours from our home. Today we are half way around the world, and in 30+ hours we are touching distance of the Indian Ocean.  We flew to Singapore to visit our son and family, which includes a new baby LuLu.  Nine hours after our arrival, (hmmmm remember 30 hours sitting in economy) our son, Mateo, Ella and Ethan whisked us off to Malaysia....our first road trip for the month. 

Miss E. fears nothing....a super, enthusiastic traveler and eater.

We drove three hours from the Singapore border to a UNESCO World Heritage City of Melaka, Malaysia.  A brand new adventure for us, but not the "littles."
It was a full day and half exploring one of Asia's oldest cities.  Here there is a peaceful mingling of many of the world's major religions; Buddhist, Hindu and Muslim. 

Mr. E is observant and pays close attention to those around him. He is also a budding photographer.  Both are intrepid travelers. I would let them guide me anywhere!!!

Over the next post or two, I would love to share a few highlights of our visit to Melaka, this beautiful, historical city which has grown through trade and cultural exchanges between East and West. It is a true multicultural city. 

Shouldn't we always start with food....street food that is.  Miss E. is munching down on spicy potato strips.....drizzled with sauce of choice.  She, like her mother, are street food lovers.  

Another favorite vendor food, handmade....always.....slightly sweet with soft texture, coconut topping tucked like a baby into a strip of palm leaf.  Such efficiency! 

The remaining pictures are a few of many sacred places of worship found within the city of Melaka.

Heart Thought:  it is a quandary, whether to take photos of people in the actual act of worship. I find it intrusive at a most personal and sacred moment to photograph the worshiper, although I have certainly done so. Many of Asia's temples are open to the public, and I try to remember we are more than tourists, we are common souls sharing the same Earth.  Just one of those little photographer's dilemmas.  

Next post I will share some fun street shots of Melaka.....oh, did I mention that it was the hottest place in Asia I think I have ever been!!!!   And did I mention that I couldn't understand why the quality of my photos were so bad...well, I had never removed my very dense polarizing filter from my camera, and made no adjustments as I was shooting.......duh.....until then. smiles: sharon


  1. I SO admire your ability to travel well - and apparently that has been passed down to your grandchildren. I am a terrible traveler. So I will live vicariously through your images.

  2. I loved this and am so glad you get to spend time with them. I can't wait for more posts!!


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