Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Walk on the Beach

We just returned from the beaches near Wilmington, NC.
We had beautiful weather, lofty clouds, cooling breezes
and solitary beaches.

The white-hot sun of day was slowly falling when we arrived at Shell Beach. 
Shell Beach --- the perfect name.  
Mounds of shells crushed to tiny fragments, the beginnings of new sand.
Hand size half shells of alabaster and sandstone, 
 piled like drift wood along the shoreline.

The evening sun split blades of sea grass
into blades of warm light, shooting above split rails.

Texture: Partings

The most spectacular surprise were a dozen or so cactus, in  amazing colors.  Bulb upon bulb, crimson, violet, purple, fuchsia, theo-violet....all balanced by greens, blended into blue.

Too quickly, the plummeting  sun was at an oblique slant, flooding everything in golden light.

Then our evening  diminished into darkness and the rush of the ocean waves.

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  1. Oh those images are so beautiful. I'm surprised aswell to see cacti in that location!

  2. Beautiful beach! Stuck here in land-locked Ohio, it is such a pleasure to share in your sand and sea images. And that amazing sunset!

  3. beautiful images! love the golden tones in your textured photo.

  4. Love your texture photo. Makes me want to walk along the fence line and explore.

    Please view my TT here...

    Noteworthy Musings - Texture Tuesday

  5. These are some awsome photos! I like your textured image a lot, but all the others are beautiful as well. The beach simply is such a gorgeous location.

  6. A lovely collection of photos - what a stunning sunset, and I particularly love the photo of the seaside fence - beautifully edited. Those cacti are amazing - and a great colour palette too.

  7. You took some fabulous photos in NC. I like your editing and the quotes you added too...great work!

  8. BEautimous, Sharon. I love your story and how it unfolded with your photographs.

    And you're right, Shell Beach is an exquisite name!!


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