Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Palettes and Tossed Salad

 I remember the day when a "lettuce" salad was composed of a WEDGE of pale, icky green iceberg lettuce, topped with pinkish, creamy Thousand Island dressing, speckled with bits of pickle.

Today salads are a true "Tossed Salad" of texture, color and taste. 

Then there is  the fabulous "tossed salad" of PHOTOGRAPHY with its
Big Mama Cameras,
Lenses galore,
High tech photo editing.....
Point and Shoot Cameras with amazing pictures
and finally
the Smart Phone.
And smart it is. Gosh ten years ago I would never dreamed of talking to our family in Asia on a wireless phone!!
I could never have imagined taking photos with a phone!!
But it is HERE, ours for the enjoyment of spontaneous photography.
And "tossed" in for good measure.  Endless "apps" to edit these quick snaps with.

i Phoneography is here to stay! And it will only get better and better. 

Green Wicker Chair
Pro HDR, Picturesque

Tossed Salad
Pro HDR, Tiny Planets

Under the Shade
Pro HDR, BeFunky (cooling)

Leaf Jungle
Pro HDR, Rays (Lindale), Posterize

Tossed Salad II Palette Pleaser

Processed in Photoshop
Linked to:  Leaves'n Bloom
and Texture Tuesdays

Rosie at Leaves 'n Bloom is a wonderful photography website. She has just completed a FREE 31 Day Tutorial on using G+. If you want to know all about how to use Google Plus, hop over there right now.

Then there is the fantastic i Art Chronicles blog, all about iphoneography created by my friend, Geri Centoza.
Geri will get you excited about i Phoneography like no one else I know.
And she knows all the FREE apps!!!!!

Want free textures  and the latest editing skills: there is always something to be shared at Kim's website. 

Heart Thought: Now go out and have a lovely, crisp Tossed Salad. But snap a shot before you eat it!

smiles, sharon


  1. Wow what fun with those apps and what a great way to express your creativity with that palette. Isn't technology wonderful but saying that one of my kids is going to Poland tommorrow and wants to use my bridge camera rather than his camera phone. I must admit that I've taken about 5 photographs on my camera phone. I was out a few weeks ago and thought it strange seeing someone shoot photographs using their tablet - it seemed so big. Thanks for the mention of my 31 days of Google plus photography :)

  2. Beautiful photographs - I love the black and white mosaic - a fantastic vintage feel, and I love the use of texture on your last one - fab vibrant colours and great palette too.

  3. I like the thought of photography being a big tossed salad - full of all kinds of things that add crunch and texture to our work. And your joy and delight in experimenting so boldly with all the options available to us.


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