Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lovin' Tuesday

Enthusiasm is the fire that makes you soar.  And today,  I have had greater enthusiasm for textures, color palettes and photo manipulation.  
I thoroughly enjoyed the photos I chose to work with.

A bit of background.  A huge bundle of drying zinnias were picked a few weeks ago.  Allowed to slightly dry and wilt, they created all new colors, mellowed from their normal vibrant hues.
They were a perfect mix for an antique statue I brought from India. It too, was worn with time and changing of seasons...paint peeling and flaking, once vibrant colors now graced with age.

Kim Klassen's Antique Overlay was perfect to create a color palette honoring the natural aging of the statue and blossoms for Leaves in Bloom.

Sarah Gardner has a wonderful collection of French inspired designs.  I used Papers 22.
Gaussian Blur, Multiply add to the soft look, like the touch of an Elder's  gentle hand.

Heart Thought: Live in the consciousness of NOW. This is no ordinary Tuesday, is it?

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  1. Nicely done Sharon. Love how you've used the different elements to create such a beautiful composition.

  2. Really chic Sharon and those fading zinna's were the perfect choice. I think my favourite colour was the pink one and the lovely antique hues that seemed to match the shawl on the ornament.

  3. Lovely work. Your header is beautiful.

  4. Bravo, Sharon. Lovely work. I like the combination of the fading flowers with the fading statue.

  5. I didn't know you had a photo-blog. Lovely imagery here!


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