Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday's Forecast: Rain and iPhoneography

The Funny Bunnies and I were having a sleep over.  We were barely awakening when early dawn lightening and rain crashed down.  It rained rained rained, sometimes a soft pitter-patter followed by pelting firehoses of water. 

We glumly starred out the windows while nibbling on breakfast....
Rain rain go away, Funny Bunnies want to play.

Since the rain didn't cooperate, we found old rain boots, too-small  rain jackets, and one umbrella.
Now we could shriek....
Rain rain please stay we're coming out to play!!!

Romp, Dance, Twirl, Lick the Drops, Soppy wet hair curling on pink cheeks, Boots filling with sheeting rain, Umbrella whipping into a flying saucer!!

ProCreate with Brushes  (sorry can't find link)

Pro Create, Rainy Dazy, Snapseed

ProCreate, Artista Oil , Snapseed
Pictures taken with i Phone. Processed on apps. See links.
 Linking to: Color Me Weekly  

Dream-it,  Cotton Candy, Warming Filter, Gaussian Blur

Linking to Texture Tuesdays.

My favorite photo of our Rainy Day Weekend.
Linking to Kent Weakley,   Sweet Shot Tuesday
Finding the pink umbrella really set the color mood for today's sharings.  

Heart Thought:  I can never feel "blue" when I am seeing "pink."


  1. These photos are full of fun. They really brighten up a rainy day.

  2. Oh such great pinks. I especially like your artista oil shot and it blended in so well with having a palette to the side. An umbrella is a necessity where I live though I don't have one as pretty as that.

  3. They are so much fun! I like the first one best! =)

  4. Love all of these...bet you had as much fun processing
    as you did taking these!

  5. What fun and creative processing! I love these :o)


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