Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Link In's

 Tuesdays come around fast.
Today's link ups are going to take a different direction.

I am getting more and more involved with my i Phone and all the bazillion of apps out there, enticing me like a day at the beach.
I thought I would play around with a few apps and see if I could create a color palette without PHOTOSHOP!!!

See what you think.  The apps I used are listed just in case you are intrigued enough to try for yourself.

Learning by experimenting, is the name of the game when exploring the world of  apps.  No fancy tutorials.  I used Color Scheme to create the palette in above photo. But you might notice I couldn't get rid of the two icons at the bottom.
I rescued this annoying problem by applying  Glaze.

A rather fun app, even with icons still edging their way in.

Another application of Glaze and the icons are almost gone.
I have gone back to Color Scheme a couple of times and haven't eliminated the problem.

On to another approach with a new photo and a fairly sophisticated drawing app, Pro Create.  Here I used "brushes" to create the color swatches.  

Kim's Textures was also a lot of fun. Her theme was Looking Down. I wanted to spice up my photo a bit by focusing on the water, pebbles and foam.

This is the original photograph of a granddaughter and her friend, soaking their cute toes in a park stream.  

I really like the colors in the foam, pebbles and clear water.
Textures used:  Beach Sand (multiply), Celery (color dodge)
Celery repeat (darken.)

Don't you love those two toned nail colors?  The turquoise polish empathizes the foam.  Pretty cool!

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  1. This is fantastic - so good to know that the palettes could be done via the phone aswell. I love your painterly edits........I would never have guessed they had been done on a camera.

  2. oops I meant iphone camera.

    I tried to click on the links for those apps but they are not hyperlinked and didn't take me anywhere.

  3. Fun! I really like the application of Glaze - turned your image into a beautiful oil painting. I will have to follow along with your experimentations as I don't have a smart phone.

  4. These are great! Made me happy.. =)

  5. These are great. I love the effect that 'glaze' gave you.


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