Thursday, August 2, 2012

Art Joy

The heat and high humidity abated a bit yesterday. Good time to have two of the Funny Bunnies
come over to paint.
Last year we created a "Kid's Art Studio" in a portion of our garage. This space is super for making BIG MESSES. The only drawback is the can be too hot or too cold.....but some days are just right like today.
So out with the tubs of tempera paints with color matched brushes. (huge helps for little ones)
Rolls of butcher paper.  Old magazines and glue sticks.

It truly is a JOY to let the little ones totally explore with paint: paint ANYTHING they want in ANY manner; brushes, fingers, hands, q-tips, sticks and straws....and best of all,  have no TIME LIMIT.

They were pretty serious but silly Funny Bunnies and knew EXACTLY WHAT they WANTED to paint!!!!

What no pink and purple?  Love her chocolate covered strawberries.  She also discovered that adding the white to the dark blue made her favorite shade of blue!!!

After painting about ten dinosaurs complete with tiny black bats, this happy guy set out to cut, paste, collage, tying it all together with a thick black line.

Over 20 paintings were happily created.  And more would have been produced, but the rain was making for mighty heavy humidity, and it was time to go in and have chocolate mint scoops of ice cream, topped with more chocolate chips.  

We won't be telling mom about that little treat!!!!

To share the Joy with others, visit Meri at her blog.

Heart Thought:  if I am ever a bit low, painting with children just perks me right up.  Everything is sunny and glorious when they have the freedom to explore their creativity!!!  Don't we just love that kind of freedom when it comes our way?  

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  1. What incredible fun! These funny bunnies are amazingly lucky to have you for a grandmother! We leave on Tuesday for a week of babysitting our 3-yr-old grandson at his home in Illinois. I expect it will be week equally fun and exhausting.


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