Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Color Me Weekly

For a long time I have wanted to try my hand at manipulating a photo and choosing key colors from it to form a palette. There are programs galore, various ways of doing this, but some are easier than others. 
So I gave it a try and came up with THREE photos. To my chagrin I can only find one!!!

Color Me Weekly is sponsored by Leaves 'n Bloom Photography.
She has great tutorials and does amazing photography.
We know a picture is worth a thousand words, so take a peek.  
 I wanted something a bit more unusual...like "pretending we are finding Easter Eggs just prior to an Easter Egg Hunt." Those palette circles look like Easter eggs to me!!!
Another great website for photography tutorials is Kent Weakley.
On Sweet Shot Tuesday,  we all are invited to post a picture. I have taken a few of his classes and they are A+.

I  took this photo after a visit to Costco to purchase GORGEOUS sunflowers.

Tuesday is a busy day at my computer.  Last but not least Texture Tuesday provided by Kim Klassen.  
Today's textures combine Table Red, Vignette and Distress, all provided by Kim. The sunflower petals received a special dusting with the eraser to allow them to stand out a bit more.
Quote brush from Kim.
Well, that's it folks...quite a bit of photo manipulation.  I consider it my THINKING time.
Heart Thought: Enjoy your camera this week....phone, compact or "Big Mamas"....they all create memories to share.


  1. I love sunflowers. And, you've done a great job on this one.

  2. That sunflower and edit is just lovely!!

  3. Oh congratulations on making your first palettes - if you're ever redecorating and have a favourite fine art picture that you want your colour scheme to tie in with these palettes are great colour inspiration. Lovely job on making your palette like little eggs.

    Totally agree with you about Kent - you should take a few of his ecourses as they are really good - I've been on 2 of them.


  4. Adding the texture really makes this photo feel like a Van Gogh painting! So beautiful.

  5. I love your Color Me Weekly piece. And I really love sunflowers, so I just love all those images!

  6. You go girl! Playing with your photo manipulation skills! Those sunflowers, in their rich gold, in that beautiful vase, on that brightly decorated fabric - what a stunning still life. So saturated and intense. But I also like the textured version - it does give it a painterly feel.

  7. Wow, you're photos are fab - I just LOVE the sunflowers - so vibrant and such a wonderful runner that you stood them on! A great colour palette too.
    Admiring through Color Me Weekly!

  8. Your sunflowers look very painterly. I love all the contrasting patterns - the vivid petals, the striped and checked vase, and the table runner.


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