Thursday, July 19, 2012

Share the Joy

the once vibrant becomes a
bit musty and faded
like aging heirloom lace

its last chapters nearing completion

aging with dignity and grace

one need not be brilliant 
to show true beauty.

Heart Thought: these beautiful faded blooms are now resting, in a wooden bowl. Come spring their tiny seeds will edge our garden in masses of vibrant color.


  1. your words ring so true and beautifully complement your interesting photos....nice job

  2. What a magical thing -- to be able to savor the last bit of color, to watch the withering process, all the while knowing that there will be a renewal when (with your help) the seeds are scattered. Ok - I'm a dork, but that makes me tear up a little bit because it so speaks to seasons of life and the hope or promise of new starts.

  3. Such wonderful words and lovely pictures. They indeed will be a continuation of nature's beauty! Have a wonderful weekend! Cathy

  4. Ah, yes - the circle of life. From vibrance to wilted to seed to new life. A beautiful reminder of that continuous cycle of change.


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