Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dreamy, Lazy-Dazy Photos

I love love love to go blog visiting.  I seriously have to limit my time for soaking in all of the talent, spontaneity, color, wizardry and creativity presented by these fabulous blog genies.

Somedays I treat myself to "art" blogs
Other times to "photography" or "mixed media"
Then there are the "cooking/photography" blogs that I LOVE to read, but rarely give in to cooking their "delish" recipes.
Then I go all political...but those usually put me in a bad mood.

And so the circle goes and GROWS.

This week I have been once again pulled into photo processing: the kind that presents dreamy, sweet, fair-colored photographs that remind me of creamy grits and honey.  (remember I am in the South)

Susan Tuttle and Kim Klassen are masters of the pale, fragile, antique-like photographs. (There are many others who do this wonderful genre of photo processing.)

Kim offered a photoshop tutorial to transport our pictures into the land of gossamer and lemonade.
So I gave it a try. 

I came up sorely lacking...but I spent so much time on the pictures that I knew I had to salvage them by sharing.
At least I felt my time had a purpose.

In a past posting I shared some of these photos of passing pastures on our way to Raleigh, NC.  

But here they are in my humble first attempts at the

Heart Thought:  it is humbling to want to do something well, but in the end you KNOW it will take much practice, patience, and more practice.  

Thank you  Kim Klassen for your textures and tutorials. 
Thank you  Susan Tuttle for your inspirational work.


  1. Sharon - it comes with practice, this whole post-processing thing. Just doing what you are doing - playing and trying. I think your experiments turned out very well. I like your description - "creamy grits and honey" - fits your results perfectly.

  2. Hey Sharon...I especially like that center image. I rarely do textured, vintage-esque shots. I don't think they fit me, but I think you've not given yourself enough credit. Keep on keeping on and hope you have time to try someone's delish recipes. I have cereal box, pour into bowl, float in milk, grab spoon, enjoy. I can handle that. Have a great day.


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