Sunday, January 29, 2012

When Rocks Melt Hearts

It all started with Stripey Stones
and  a beautiful blog
A world where Elizabeth Bunsen spins a world of dream like creativity, wrapped around Wabi Sabi words, crowned with gorgeous photography.

 Stripey Rocks, say it softly.
Downey gray, diagonal stripes of meringue.
Baby smooth born from one thousand years of shifting.
Elizabeth introduced me to them.

A very heavy box arrived, festooned with stamps and black willowy silhouettes.
Peeking inside like a child seeking Santa Claus through the midnight window;
the interior, as splendid as a dancing yellow ballroom spilled over into my heart.

 Layers, small offerings, eucalyptus stained silk, velvet bags, dried leaves, such delights
bound in sunset peach yarn and cotton string.
How did she know I love vessels tucked into vessels....small, tiny, tinier?

OX-eb    Ox-eb  love spilled out, layer by layer of lovelies made by her own hands.

Nature's Skipping Stones, carefully wrapped in time rusted cloth.

There is  more to the story....
 wait and see.
My new treasure will go on to touch other's lives.

If you would like  a destination where Creativity reigns and EB is the designer visit her at Be..Dream...Play.  You will visit for a LONG LONG time.  She has some beautiful handmade coptic bound books, encaustic gems and Stripey Stones available for purchase.

Elizabeth was recently interviewed by Meri
on her new blog, Finally Me.  You will find a glimpse into this marvelously creative and generous woman's life, philosophy and art.

I thought it was perfect to share this post on Kat Sloma's, Photo-Heart Connection.


  1. {{ what
    a perfect sharing
    of eb's mail
    to you!

    she wraps Everything
    in Love
    you can Feel,
    i do think.

    letting me see
    the uncovering
    your eb treasure... }}

  2. Sharon,
    my heart
    is warmed indeed
    to see stripey pals
    so cozy
    deep listening
    with Buddha
    in your lovely home...

    thank you so much

    xox - eb.

  3. How lovely! I too have been the recipient of Elizabeth's stripey's and creative generosity. Her words and art contain such warmth, power and caring that all three radiate and infuse the receiver as well. Enjoy!

  4. That's one of the most amazing packages I've ever seen, and I gasped when I saw the stripey stones revealed. Your heart must have leapt too at the sight. Thanks for sharing them with the rest of us.

  5. From one stone lover to another, enjoy the magic gifts !
    Sweet, sweet, sweet stripeys !


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