Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Gaelic Prayer for Rebecca

I became acquainted with Rebecca but a short time ago, through her blog, recuerda mi corazon. 
If you don't know this gentle, gifted woman, you will wish her to be your best friend, just as I have.
Today Rebecca is in need of our prayers and heaven wishes for a full recovery from surgery.

Rebecca is Nature, Sky and Water. 

May this Gaelic Prayer bring Peace to her Heart.

Deep Peace of the running Wave to you

Deep Peace of the flowing Air to you.

Deep Peace of the quiet Earth to You.

Deep Peace of the shining Stars to You.

Deep Peace of the gentle Night to You.

Moon and Stars pour out their Healing Light on You.

Deep Peace of Christ,

the Light of the World to You.

Blessings to you dear, Rebecca
Count the stars to know how many send prayers and heaven wishes for your full recovery.


  1. Beautiful prayer and images. My thoughts of healing to your friend.

  2. This is truly, truly beautiful.
    And sacred too.
    And no doubt will send Rebecca on her healing journey.

  3. Amen to your prayer for Rebecca. Beautiful thoughts and images!

  4. And I am just coming to know you my friend. What a dear and compassionate soul you are. How beautiful this is. I have been writing my thesis and have not been blogging. But I have come out for a little while and found your beautiful, healing prayers and blessings for rebecca. How lovely!
    Thank you!
    Peace and Light,


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