Saturday, December 10, 2011

Photographing Babies....YIKES

Funny Bunny Three-Three just turned ONE month old!
My daughter and I thought we would take some of those 
dreamy, sweet, soft skinned photos that are so popular.
In complete honesty, anyone who does baby or child photography has my full admiration!

Gathered props galore: blankets, basket, jewelry, head bands, fluffy pink tutu, red velvet dress, jingle bell cap.....we were prepared!
First, FB3-3 needed to be fed followed by diaper change. Then her skin went blotchy with only a pink tutu and daisy headband on. This blanket bundled baby was going into hypothermia shock!
Dress swamped her, fluffy collar covered half her face and the jingle hat covered the rest.  Shoes popped off like ricocheting
 pop corn.
Pink tutu made marks on her skin, goose bumps continued to spread.
Then there was the sweet, calm face but wiggling feet. Still hands with a half opened get the idea I am sure.
Nothing held still at the same time!

We won't even go into actually taking the photos, the light would shift, a bulb burned out from my lighting, we tried the floor, couch, basket, table and my daughter's long arms to get a good perspective.
Something, including big brother was always in the way.

 Test Shot

Mom I am freezing, I want my blanket!!!!!!

I am smothering in all of these clothes. But at least I am warm and holding STILL!

If I had known you were going to take a photo of my feet, I would have gone for a pedicure!

Okay I will hold still, but i will not smile!
Hey what is that over by the big green tree?
An Angel Elf?

Well there is a good ending despite the beginning and the middle.
We managed to get a dozen or so rather nice photos.
Maybe she will end up on People magazine and her parents will get paid thousands of dollars?
She is sweet enough!
Welcome to our world, Little Funny Bunny Three_Three!!

Heart Thought: a newborn baby is the best of all presents!


  1. What a beautiful girl! These are precious. Most Newborn sessions last 2 + hours for this reason. I had to chuckle because you described all the complications so well.

  2. Oh, yes - I am in complete agreement about how talented baby and children photographers are. But you did a great job of capturing your precious bundle of joy. Our grandson (who will be 3 in April) will be here for the holidays and I will be practicing my photos of "things-that-move". Always a great challenge for me.


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