Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Moment of Reflection

After the frenzy of too many
candy colored decorations, blazingly lit Christmas trees, 
snappy sales slogans,
and the bustle and push of shoppers with glazed eyes,
it was time.

It was time to leave the glitzy side of Asheville
and seek out the balance and sense of proportion that
nature openly gives each of us.

As the sun slipped low in the gray-cast sky
we discovered the fallow grounds of
the Biltmore Estate greenhouse and gardens.
Here was the hush of quiet, the fresh fragrance of earth and flowers
....... welcomed refreshment for the soul.

May there be the gift of  reflection and refreshment in
your life this day. 

Warmly, Sharon


  1. Sharon, I completely understand the need to search for some quiet reflection time - I have been feeling that urge very strongly myself. Thank you for providing a few minutes of connection with nature through your lens and eye. Love the selfie reflection in the Christmas ornament!

  2. How lovely to have such a beautiful retreat close to hand. I love that last photo too - beautiful selfie reflection! Hope your holidays are happy ones.


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