Sunday, January 6, 2013


Usually my intentions are earnest and sincere, whole-heartedly intended to be fulfilled.
BUT there are times when nothing evolves, it stops before it begins, the good intention evaporates like the  frost on my car windows when struck by the first rays of sun.

To be honest I have several GOOD INTENTIONS that didn't happen in 2012, one of which was so simple, so lovely, such a nice opportunity but poof, like the frost, the opportunity vanished.

Kat Sloma, whom I have taken many photography related courses and learned so much from, offered an opportunity to post ONCE a month our favorite photo of that month.  Not hard, rather fun. A GRAND IDEA I thought, but there was the necessary deadline, and despite her reminders via a newsletter, I never made the deadline. When I would think of it, the deadline had passed.  And I might miss it this time, but I am here to attempt to fulfill 1/12th of a commitment to Photo-Heart Connection.

This is called "tidy-ing-up loose ends" before I do it again in 2013!

My phone camera and Big Mama were pretty busy during December there were so many super opportunities to shoot fun photos.....mostly fading gardens, skeleton trees, holiday lights and family...but we gained a new family member this past autumn and the camera really kicked up a notch with this adorable, photographic, "holds still" new Grand-Doggie.


Blossom was a mistreated, malnourished, ill, damaged, over-bred dog.
She is alive because a wonderful humane society rescued her and she regained some strength and vitality.  The volunteers fell in love with her, but still, a year later, she remained in the humane center.
Ashley and Daniel met Blossom and saw all of her potential and that she deserved a better and more meaningful life.  So they took her home as a foster dog. Love was immediate.

While we were visiting them in the autumn, the decision was made, Blossom needed to be a full fledge member of their home no more "foster" nonsense, but a full adoption and commitment. 
It was one of those Really Good Ideas!

 Blossom Brown received the full Christmas treatment.
Loads of love from visiting family, more photos taken than of anyone else, the privilege to sleep under the Christmas tree and feel the warmth of the lights on her once damaged back, special snacks and presents.

She fell in love with her long-legged Pink Piggy. They are now constant companions.  The "mother" who birthed too many puppies, can now enjoy a "childhood" and be cared for and loved. 

Yes, this photo represents what a healthy dose of humanity, compassion, love and friendship can do for a broken heart...

Blossom has truly lived up to her new name.

If you would care to join me as I once again attempt to post on a monthly basis my favorite photo of the month, join me at Kat's Photo-Heart Connection. (click on links above)

  (And feel free to remind me of the deadline dates.) 


  1. What a wonderful story and sweet photo! And welcome to the Photo-Heart Connection.

  2. Hope this year you are able to participate monthly. I enjoy what you write-and the way you see things.
    Blossom Brown is one lucky dog-and her family even luckier. Not so sure about posing with that pink piggie on her head. I do believe she now has earned extra snacks for this type of humiliation. Or at least extra pats.
    happy day sharon.

  3. Sharon, joining in any month can be considered a success and worthy of a celebration! Your image and story of Blossom touched my heart. How lovely that your family was able to provide a good, loving home to her. Thank you so much for joining in the Photo-Heart Connection! I'll remind you via email. Don't worry! :)

  4. This photo whas make me smile, so fun.

  5. I too enjoy reading your posts and pics... she seems to be very well tempered to have posed for this pic. remember the heart will guide you to this connection and the dates.


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